Daniel Giffney

Daniel has always had a passion for travel and exploring from a young age. Since moving from Scotland to Perth, Australia as a baby, he’s been lucky enough to experience many different countries and cultures growing up. After trying his hand across different industries such as Hospitality, Education and Finance, he followed his passion to establish a career within the Travel Industry.

Over the years, he’s worked a range of Sales and Management roles at STA Travel where he had the opportunity to explore more of the world and satisfy his wanderlust. Taking a long sabbatical in 2017 to focus primarily on backpacking through South America was a huge lifelong dream come true for Daniel. Among the many highlights were trekking through the Colombian jungle to make it to a camp with hammocks on the beach with the waves rocking him to sleep, marvelling at the wonder of seeing Machuu Picchu up close, quad and mountain biking through the Sacred Valley of Peru while trying the local delicacy Coy, learning (basic!) Spanish in the Bohemian district of Buenos Aires and helping train a pack of Husky Sleigh dogs at a cabin in the forest near Patagonia in Chile.

He then did a stint living in the South West of England before then returning recharged back to Perth to head up and establish the WA National Contact Centre at STA, later moving to the “Big Smoke” of Sydney to join Aurora Expeditions as our Sales Manager. Daniel is always excited for the next adventure, having been lucky enough to visit 49 countries to date and hoping to be able to visit that awe inspiring seventh continent of Antarctica sometime soon. When not counting down the days to his next trip, you’ll find him cycling out to explore new areas or discovering quirky bars, restaurants, cafes or shows with friends.