WINNER: World’s Best Expedition Cruise Line | 2023 World Cruise Awards

Christophe Bouchoux

Expedition Leader

Christophe is an experienced Expedition Leader and guide, who has worked on expedition ships all over the world. While his peers were in school, Christophe was busy gaining a global education travelling the world. Instead of maths or science, nature became his main source of wonderment. He spent an incredible 17 years exploring iconic and remote destinations, gaining invaluable experience in the tourism industry. Most comfortable in the polar regions, he worked as a guide in Finnish Lapland for seven winters and a tour bus guide in Norway for a decade, before discovering expedition cruising in Svalbard. To this day, he considers Svalbard his favourite destination, on account of its incredible diversity of wildlife and landscapes and because it still manages to surprise him.

On expeditions, Christophe encourages expeditioners to forget about any daily program they have been given, and to trust our Expedition Team and let nature decide what will happen. He is particularly skilled at explaining difficult scientific concepts in everyday language, which makes him a passenger favourite and huge asset to your Aurora expedition.

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