Ania Baranek

Expedition Team Coordinator

Ania became fascinated by the idea of travelling when she saw her first Lonely Planet episode on the Discovery Channel as a teenager. She has dreamt about combining her passion for travelling with an inspiring job ever since.

The urge to explore the world prompted her to study Spanish language and literature at university. Since then she has lived in Poland, Spain and Canada and she has worn many hats working as a language teacher, translator and a city guide in her home town of Krakow, Poland.

After several years of a semi-nomadic life, inlcuding roadtrips through the Rocky Mountains, West Coast of the US and the Australian Outback, she decided to settle in Sydney, trading her beloved Polish mountains for the Australian sun.

She decided to pursue the job opportunity at Aurora Expeditions after she found out that it was founded by Greg Mortimer, a man whose story she admired a year before while visiting the Trailblazers Exhibition at the Australian Museum. She believes there are no coincidences in life.

As a expeditions team coordinator she is excited to work with people that most of the people only read books about.

Outside work, Ania finds joy in listening to people’s stories and hearing different languages. She enjoys everything outdoors, in particular hiking and snowboarding. She writes a Polish blog about Australia.