• Visit the kingdom of polar bears on an expedition cruise to Svalbard
  • Discover northern Europe via cruises to the High Arctic
  • Have a Spitsbergen travel adventure kayaking or Arctic scuba diving
  • Let our experienced staff share their Svalbard travel knowledge, enthusiasm and experience.
  • Enjoy numerous daily landings from our fleet of Zodiacs
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What will I see in Spitsbergen?

Aurora Expeditions offers an exciting program of expedition cruises to Spitsbergen and other regions of the High Arctic. Offering premium travel experiences, our Spitsbergen cruises are the perfect opportunity to discover deep fjords in the west and mysterious, fossil-rich desert mountains in the east. The region offers the unique chance to encounter a wide range of wildlife, from wallowing walrus to hundreds of guillemots taking their first flight.

Whichever Aurora Expeditions' cruise to Spitsbergen you choose, our expedition team will be vigilantly watching for the almighty polar bear. These magnificent and powerful creatures are completely at home on land or ice, and you may spot one on the vast ice sheet to the north, or perhaps hunting with its cubs on shore.

Svalbard cruises with Aurora Expeditions offer the opportunity to explore the most remote locations in the High Arctic. We always operate our itinerary with the weather and ice conditions in mind. Our small ship ensures your voyage makes the most of every opportunity, reaching places larger ships cannot access.

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