Introducing the Greg Mortimer...  

Aurora Expeditions is excited to announce that our new world-class expedition ship will be named Greg Mortimer, in honour of our adventurous co-founder.

Greg Mortimer OAM
"I'm both honoured and humbled to share my name with a vessel that marries the pioneering heritage of Aurora Expeditions with bold technology, aggressive design and innovation fit for purpose. I'm tickled pink that Aurora continues to be at the forefront of exploration"
- Greg Mortimer

Designed for operations in the polar regions and across the globe, the Greg Mortimer will allow us to continue to provide the authentic, small-ship experience for which we are renowned. Completed in time for the 2019/20 Antarctica season, this new state-of-the-art vessel is about to make exploring our remote destinations even easier.

Class Ice Class 1A
Length 104.4m
Breadth 18.2m
Draught 5.3m
Tonnage (max) 7,400
Speed (max) 15 knots


Built to the latest polar code specifications, and offering unprecedented levels of safety and environmental protection, the Greg Mortimer has been meticulously thought out and carefully crafted by those that know the ship and our style of cruising best. Our teams of expedition leaders, destination experts and operational specialists have all played an integral part in creating what is set to be the ‘next generation’ of expedition ship.

Featuring sea-level Zodiac and activity loading platforms, dedicated observation decks and plenty of outdoor viewing areas, the emphasis of getting up close to nature will be at the core of the ship’s experience.

Aurora Expeditions New World-Class Expedition Ship

“With the development of our purpose-built expedition ship, we stay true to our small-ship philosophy where the focus is on the experience and engagement with the environment while at the same time providing the most comfortable form of travel in these challenging environments. In the polar regions, we will have the ability to reduce passenger numbers so we can continue to visit existing landings sites as well as explore new areas where strict regulations enforce no more than 100 people ashore at any one time.” 
- Robert Halfpenny, Managing Director of Aurora Expeditions.


We are pushing the boundaries once again with our new-look, custom-designed expedition ship. As the first expedition cruise ship featuring the patented ULSTEIN X-BOW®, the vessel is set to leave other ships in its wake as it utilises the latest advancements in naval design and technology to create a more enjoyable and comfortable expedition experience. These features include the ship being fitted with the latest return-to-port propulsion system, as well as state-of-the-art offshore dynamic positioning technology, meaing the ship can float atop the delicate sea floor while launching zodiacs, kayaks and other watercraft without using anchors.

What is an X-BOW?

Norwegian ship designer ULSTEIN redefined the world of marine engineering when it launched X-BOW in 2005. The inverted bow concept is a patented technology that has been used in over 100 vessels in the shipping industry. Aurora Expeditions will become the first expedition cruise operator to utilise the new technology within the expedition cruising industry.

The main advantage of the ULSTEIN X-BOW® is its ability to pierce waves with much greater stability than a traditional bow. While a traditional bow vessel rises on the waves and then drops violently onto the surface of the water, an X-BOW vessel, less subject to the vertical motions induced by the waves, continues on course more smoothly, while maintaining its speed. Because it uses less fuel to get through the waves, it also improves fuel efficiency and reduces air emissions.

The X-BOW hull line design has been tried in all weather conditions and is in its element in the harsher environments such as Antarctica and the Arctic. When it comes to expedition cruising, the X-BOW will offer a more comfortable journey, reducing noise and vibration as well as reducing ocean spray to ensure a safe and dry environment on deck.


Designed from scratch means investing some time in adding some creature comforts. You can expect to find private bathroom facilities throughout each cabin, options with balconies and floor to ceiling windows, a 180-degree indoor observation lounge and wellness facilities like a gym and sauna. Don’t expect over-the-top luxury, just enough touches to offer a more comfortable adventure.

Greg Mortimer in Antarctica