Track My Trip

When you travel aboard one of our expeditions, you will be visiting some of the most remote places on Earth. Many of the destinations we travel to have very limited internet and phone facilities. Therefore, communication with family and friends back home during your expedition, although not impossible, can be irregular, time consuming and expensive.

By subscribing to our complimentary Track My Trip system, your family and friends will be able to follow your daily progress and receive regular updates via email on where you are and what you're doing – all without you typing a thing!

Please note: Due to the remote location of our expeditions and lack of internet availability, these posts and updates are not unique to your voyage; they are pre-loaded with an image and information on the amazing locations you're exploring. Email invitations are sent out 30 days from your scheduled departure date.

If you are travelling with us soon and haven't received your email invitation, please email providing your full name and voyage.

How Does it Work?

Frequently Asked Questions
Who can register for Track My Trip?
Any passenger travelling on one of Aurora Expeditions' voyage to Antarctica, the European Arctic, Alaska's Inside Passage and Australia's Kimberley Coast. This service is complimentary.
How does Track My Trip work?
Our ship's GPS systems sends regular updates via satellite to our 'Track My Trip' system which allows us to always know where the cruise is headed. Each update tells us exactly where the ship is so we can let your friends and family know the location and sites you are likely to be exploring (based on your expedition itinerary).
Who writes the updates?
Each update is a short fact about the destination and an image, all prepared and pre-loaded into Aurora Expeditions’ system by our team. They are pre-written according to each expedition's itinerary.
Who can receive the Track My Trip updates?
Any of your friends or family members who have a working email address.
How do the Track My Trip email updates work?
Passengers have the option to subscribe their family members or friends to receive email updates about their trip. Every couple of days subscribed family members and friends will receive an email to let them know where the passenger is on the journey and what they are doing. If your friends and family members decide they do not wish to receive a passenger's updates, they can unsubscribe at any time.
Do Aurora Expeditions keep passengers' friends and family members' email addresses in their database once the cruise has ended?
As it is up to the travelling passenger to register their family members and friends’ email addresses, Aurora Expeditions have absolutely no access to these emails.
How can a family member or friend stay updated if the passenger forgot to subscribe their email address prior to departure?
Anybody can view the current updates and route on our website by clicking ‘Track my Trip’ link under 'FIND OUT MORE' menu item on our homepage, then by clicking the 'Tracking Map' blue button.
If anyone does not want to receive the email updates, can they unsubscribe?
Yes. Anyone can unsubscribe at anytime from the updates by clicking on the ‘Unsubscribe’ button at the bottom of the update emails.