Events and Webinars

Unveil the wonders of Patagonia!

Register for our Patagonia webinar and be inspired by our special guest speaker and Expedition Leader, Lelia Cataldi who lives and breathes Patagonia. Lelia will be sharing her passion in guiding travellers through the breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia; educating them about the benefits of expedition cruising and land-based trekking, as well as sharing her extensive knowledge, experience, and stories of astonishing wildlife encounters.

The topics covered during the webinar will be:

  • Patagonia and Chile’s fjords and glacial landscapes
  • Wildlife encounters in Patagonia
  • Visiting Patagonia by land or by sea
  • Patagonia voyage and treks
  • Our new ship, the Greg Mortimer

Online Information Sessions:

We are running two sessions for the webinar. Please register to the session that suits you the best. By registering, we will send you a link of the recorded webinar if you’re unable to attend on the day.

Session 1:

Tuesday 13th August at 8:30am (AEST) Sydney, Australia;
Monday 12th August at 3:30pm (GMT-7) Vancouver, Canada;
Monday 12th August at 3:30pm (GMT-7) Los Angeles, USA;
Monday 12th August at 6:30pm (GMT-4) New York, USA


Session 2:

Wednesday 14th August at 8:30pm (AEST) Sydney, Australia;
Wednesday 14th August at 6:30pm (CST) Beijing, China;
Wednesday 14th August at 11:30am (GMT+1) London, United Kingdom;
Wednesday 14th August at 6:30am (GMT-4) New York, USA


An exclusive promotional offer for Patagonia treks and voyages will be available for those who attend the webinar. 


Lelia Cataldi, Expedition Leader

Bettina Ovgaard

Lelia was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has been working with Aurora Expeditions for more than 7 years. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Tourism, she earned a scholarship at Eichstätt University in Germany to continue her specialisation in Geography. She then became a guide of Los Glaciares National Park and recently she finished an MBA in Hotel Management in Buenos Aires. Lelia has worked and lived for 10 years in Southern Patagonia, providing guests with unique, high-quality travel experiences, in close contact with nature. She loves sharing her wide knowledge, passion, and love of the National Park and surrounding areas. She takes great delight in working outdoors and helping others to enjoy and discover nature, especially if it is about South America! Lelia will make you feel and live the culture of any place she visits, tasting new flavours, admiring the landscape and nature. At the same time, she will provide you with cultural tips and information that will enhance your experience of the destination.