About Scotland 

West and north of the British mainland, several hundred islands pierce the north Atlantic to create a wonderland of seabird-speckled cliffs, towering sea stacks, secret waterways, glorious mountains and windswept moors. 

Remote and often uninhabited, the Scottish Isles have sheltered some of our planet’s greatest wanderers – from migrant birds to Vikings, outcasts to explorers. From Orkney’s fertile farmlands to Shetland’s rocky shores, from the mournful beauty of the Outer Hebrides to the remote outliers like Foula and St Kilda; the Scottish Isles offer remarkable diversity within a relatively short distance.

Neolithic sites scarcely altered in 5,000 years and pondering the mystery of huge monoliths that marked seasonal change scatter the landscapes. Ancient crofting communities, picturesque villages and castles that were once strongholds of Scottish clans provide insight into some of the country's vast history. And home to the world’s largest seabird colonies, raucous places filled with gannets, fulmars, arctic terns and delightful puffins, the islands also have a brilliant reputation for their wildlife. 

Join us to find out more about the beautiful and diverse Scottish Isles.

  • Scotland’s Clans

    The clans of Scotland have shaped the country's identity throughout history. Our itinerary gives you the chance to walk in the footsteps of some of the country's most famous clans.

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  • Scotland’s Weather

    Here is some precious information on Scotland's pleasant, yet unpredictable climate that will help you prepare for your holiday to Scotland!

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  • Scotland’s History

    Scotland's incredible history will add even more excitement to your adventure! Join our Scotland historian and travel through time as you explore Scotland with us.

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