Sweden and Norway trekking expeditions

Scandinavia is a region packed with natural beauty and fascinating history. On a trek with Aurora Expeditions in Norway, you can firstly explore the eco-friendly city of Oslo before we take you on a fjord adventure of a lifetime. You'll come to realise that every Norwegian fjord is special - the way the water glistens off the sun, the glorious deep valleys that seem to go on and on and how the mountains shape the landscape so vividly. In Norway, every fjord is unique and on a trek with Aurora Expeditions, you can see this for yourself.
Across the border in Sweden, the same rules apply, but the environment is more trials than fjords. Explore the historic capital Stockholm before putting on your hiking boots and taking on several of the nearly 400 well-maintained hiking trails that criss-cross the country. Gaze into the 34m Lake Trollsjön (the clearest lake in Sweden) and hike a section of the famous King's Trail - it's all part of the Swedish trekking experience. Given Sweden's strong respect to nature and culture, every trail is packed full of interesting details and experiences to take home.



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Combine an Arctic voyage with an Iceland or Scandinavia trek for the ultimate adventure, and you will save up to 10% on both departures!*

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    Expedition - Jotunheimen Explorer - Central Norway Trek

    Jotunheimen Explorer - Central Norway Trek

    10 DAYS from AU$7,450 per person

    Trek into the heart of Norway. With over 250 mountains featuring peaks almost 2000 metres (6,561 feet) high. Hike across mountains, through caves, and around glaciers. Let your senses be awakened.

    Expedition Dates


    22 Jun to 01 Jul

    02 Jul to 11 Jul

    11 Aug to 20 Aug

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  • Save 10%*

    Expedition - Mountains & Fjords - South East Norway Trek

    Mountains & Fjords - South East Norway Trek

    10 DAYS from AU$9,640 per person

    The UNESCO-protected fjords are symbols of the beauty of traditional Norway. Hike around and over these stunning fjords, or glide across the smooth water in a kayak.

    Expedition Dates


    14 Jul to 23 Jul

    28 Jul to 06 Aug

    21 Sep to 30 Sep

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