Russia Expeditions

Our expedition cruises to Far East Russia set sail into the Bering Sea and head towards the Chukotka's spectacular, glacier-carved fjords and jagged mountains as well as the historical subarctic Commander Islands, alive with sea lions, fur seals, and otters. On the Kamchatka Peninsula, we enjoy a Kamchatka tour amongst the ghostly remains of an abandoned military base and be bewildered by its local brown bears; we circle ‘The Ring of Fire’ volcanoes as they blast steam and ash into the sky, and discover geologic wonders of the Kuril Islands, discovering a wilderness beyond compare. On the world’s most northern World Heritage Site, Wrangel and Herald Islands are home to the planet’s greatest concentration of polar bear dens.

Russia is a destination where our Aurora Partnership Program partner, Heritage Expeditions highlights their passion for exploration and discovery. One of the first companies to operate cruises to Russia and the Russian Far East, Heritage Expeditions understand the challenges of voyages in a region where weather, seas, wildlife, cultural and political sensitivities all come into play

We continue to ensure that your Russian Arctic and Far East cruises are staffed by premium expedition leaders, naturalists, historians and geologists and our Russian crew are keen to show off their country’s natural beauty – delivering some of the finest expedition cruises in Russia.

Our expeditions to Russia are operated by Heritage Expeditions as part of our Aurora Partnership Program.

There are currently no Russia expeditions scheduled. Contact us to register your expression of interest for future expeditions.

Russia Expeditions

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The Ship - Spirit of Enderby

Sister ship to Polar Pioneer, the Spirit of Enderby sails the Russian coastline exploring the remote regions of Kamchatka, Wrangel Island and the scenic Siberian coastline.

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