About Patagonia

At the sharp end of South America lies the unique region of Patagonia. Incorporating glacial fronts, temperate rainforests and granite spires across two countries, Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is one of the most diverse and visually spectacular locations around the globe.

Aurora Expeditions can take you straight to the heart of this region on our fantastic Patagonia treks. These ten day treks weave their way through the Patagonian wilderness, providing insight into this barren, but vibrant environment filled with fascinating flora and fauna.

Read on to find out more about the Patagonia region, before you venture to this special region.

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    An overview of the various bird species you will encounter on one of our Patagonia Discovery Treks. Grab your binoculars!

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  • Patagonian Food

    From grilled meats to chocolate, Patagonia's food culture takes inspiration from its European heritage. Find out about the amazing food you'll be able to experience whilst in Patagonia.

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  • Patagonia’s Climate

    Read on to find out about the Patagonian climate, and most importantly, what you'll need to pack for your Patagonia trek.

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  • Climate and weather in Patagonia

    The Patagonian region stretches across two countries - Argentina and Chile. Due to its position close to the Pacific Ocean, Southern Ocean and the Andes, Patagonia has a very different climate to the rest of South America.

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