Latin American Daily Excursions

One of the beauties of Latin America is its dramatic variety in environments. In South America, whether in Chile, Peru or Ecuador, we aim for at least one or two daily excursions off the ship, creating a long list of activities that allow you to experience the region up close and personal.

While ashore, we make sure you're able to soak up the local atmosphere – the colourful streets of Castro town and Punta Arenas in Chile, hiking up through southern beech forest to enjoy a typical Patagonian BBQ lunch. Enjoy a special visit to the remote and fabled Robinson Crusoe Island in the Juan Fernandez Archipelago where you completely escape civilisation and admire the endemic flora and hummingbirds.

Daily excursions also occur in our Zodiac cruises, getting you closer to the action. Search for Humboldt penguins around Isla Pan de Azucar, and explore the Ballestas Islands, home to fur seals and seabird colonies. On board our small expedition ships, there are no schedules or long queues – just the chance to explore in more detail.

Much the same can be said for our cruises in Central America and the Caribbean. Daily excursions are common, giving you the chance to step off the Greg Mortimer and into a world where nature dominates.

From hiking in the Cahuita National Park, home to sloths, spider monkeys, boas and a plethora of other wildlife, to exploring Big Corn Island in Nicaragua, the heart of this region is in its rainforests and deep jungles. There's also a deep cultural element to our daily excursions – a tour of the ancient city of Cartagena, Cienfuegos – inspired by French and Spanish architecture where you can visit a local cigar factory and explore the old streets of Havana in vintage style.

All of our daily shore excursions are included in your expedition cost. Read on to find out more about our daily shore excursions in Central America and the Caribbean.