About Latin America

Latin America is a place that continues to amaze and wow us. Whether it's the deep jungles that are home to some of the world's strangest and most unique wildlife or the sheer contrast of environments, Latin America is a region we’ll probably never know everything about. Not only are its environments diverse, they're also full of rich culture and history too.

As a result, you have the choice about where you want to explore with Aurora Expeditions. You can explore the west coast of Chile, sailing through the legendary Beagle Channel and witness the ruggedness of Patagonia. Alternatively, you could head north from Chile and check out the wonderful cultural and natural elements of Peru and Ecuador. And don't forget the beaches and clear blue waters of the Caribbean or the Mayan ruins of Central America!

Deserts, mountains, lakes, rivers, jungles, beaches - Latin America has it all for you to discover and explore - and there's certainly enough for you to see it all with Aurora Expeditions. Here's what else you need to know about Latin America in our helpful guides below.