Kimberley Waterfalls

The Kimberley’s wet season brings rains that send waterfalls thundering and cascades flowing, creating spectacular sights across the region’s coastline. We cruise past, under and event through the falls, exploring an oasis of lush green plant life attracting local wildlife.

We hope to jump into our small excursion crafts for electrifying rides through swirling tides, climb up rocky gorges to enjoy a dip in pristine rock pools and freshen up under the cool water cascades that splash us as we cruise by.

The Kimberley’s waterfalls are truly a wonderful part of our adventure. Here are some of the falls that you might experience during your Kimberley cruise with Aurora Expeditions:

Horizontal waterfalls

Horizontal Falls, Kimberley Australia

Hang on as we navigate white-water and standing waves in Zodiacs, or cruise between soaring cliffs when it’s mirror still. Massive tides deep within Talbot Bay power one of the world’s great natural wonders.

King Cascade

Discovered in 1820 by Phillip Parker King, this exquisite waterfall refreshes those who draw near. Saltwater crocodiles are often seen lurking in pools below the falls.

King George Falls

King George Falls, Kimberley Australia

A spectacular plummet, this is the Kimberley’s highest single-drop waterfall at over 80 metres, marking the end of a 10 kilometre gorge carved by King George River on its way to Koolama Bay.

Mitchell Falls

Mitchell Falls, Kimberley Australia

Opt for a scenic flight to the Mitchell Plateau and enjoy an amazing birds-eye view of the lush falls. Depending on water conditions, you may have some free time for a swim! Surcharge applies for heli flight.