Kimberley Shore Excursions

Dissected by tidal rivers, the ancient geology of this timeless land features startling red rock gorges, prehistoric rock paintings, tumbling waterfalls and an incredible variety of plant and animal life. Our unique Kimberley Coast voyages focus on the most spectacular sites between Broome and Darwin, stopping at seldom-visited sites and allowing time to work around powerful tides to optimise landing opportunities.

Each of our shore excursions are optional and the choice to go ashore is completely up to you.

Here are some of the places you might explore on our cruises to the Kimberley:

Montgomery Reef

We cruise through the deep channels of this marine wonderland, watching as powerful outgoing tides form hundreds of noisy waterfalls exposing vast lagoons and sandstone islets. Keep watch for dolphins, dugongs and turtles.

Lacepede Islands

The stunning blue sky and sea merge along the white-sand fringe of these wildlife-rich islands – they are breeding grounds for green turtles, lesser frigatebirds, brown boobies and crested terns.

Raft Point

Home to Wandjina rock paintings, rich birdlife and boab trees, as well as tremendous views to Steep Island and beyond.

Bigge Island

We explore wild landscape on Bonaparte Archipelago’s largest island, and view Wandjina figures and “first-contact” art by the Wunambal people.

Prince Frederick Harbour

We cruise the Hunter River’s aqua blue waterways, exposing pockets of emerald rainforests, mangroves and soaring red cliffs.

Prince Regent River

This arrow-straight river runs for 80 km, deep into the Kimberley. Our excursion craft whisks us past sunning saltwater crocodiles into eucalypt woodlands and mangrove stands alive with birds.

Vansittart Bay

This bay is beautifully protected, with numerous islands and secluded coves. We visit DC3 ruins from WW2 and excellent Bradshaw (Gwion Gwion) rock paintings.