Kimberley Art Workshops

All of our Kimberley expeditioners are invited to join our complimentary Art Workshop.

Led by renowned artist and author Alasdair McGregor, you’ll learn tips and tricks to help you capture the stunning colours of the Kimberley landscape. Amateurs to experienced artists, everyone is invited to bring your own paper, pens, pencils and paints, and create your own piece of Kimberley artwork.

On board and during selected landings, interested expeditioners will enjoy informal art talks and tuitions, with time to enjoy capturing the Kimberley’s spectacular scenery and flora.

We recommend bringing materials that you are comfortable in using or that you have used before. Avoid bringing anything that is too large or heavy as it will be impractical for landings and you may have issues with your airline baggage allowance (remember to pack any liquids over 100ml in your checked-in luggage). For beginners, some pencils or watercolour paints are an easy way to get started without having to invest in too many supplies.

Remember these art workshops are for anyone who would like to join in. You don’t have to be a professional, it’s just a bit of fun and open to anyone willing to give it a go!

Please note: Passengers are required to bring their own art supplies and paper. The art workshops will be run when practical and may be run at the same time as other activities and excursions; it is the choice of each passenger to choose which activity they would like to participate in.