About Kimberley Coast

A coastline of rugged ochre rocks and dense bushlands hides a land of ancient cultures and natural treasures.

Stretching to the northwest, an intricate maze of coral reefs, rocky islands and mangrove-fringed rivers forms one of Australia’s most exotic wilderness areas – the Kimberley Coast.  

A maritime frontier explored by Maccassan fisherman, Arab, Chinese and Dutch traders and European explorers, the Kimberley’s ancient coastline is a dynamic world of 11-metre tides that create standing waves and giant whirlpools or expose kilometres of mudflats. The massive tide’s ebb and flow dictates our movements; our inquisitiveness may lead us in unexpected directions.

The Kimberley Coast is home to primitive plants and the ancient and most feared predator, the saltwater crocodile. It also boasts dancing jabirus, stoic boab trees and the beautiful Kimberley rose. Protected by vast tracts of bull spinifex and broken ‘hard rock’ country, the coast can be a harsh place, slow to reveal its hidden treasures.

Read on to discover more about the breathtaking Kimberley.

  • Kimberley Coast Flora

    The majority of the Kimberley’s flora is part of open savannah woodland that encircles Kimberley’s sandstone gorges and beautifully surrounds the coast.

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  • Kimberley Coast Climate

    The Kimberley's changeable weather and distinct seasons impact its climate drastically. Find out what to temperature to expect during your expedition.

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  • Kimberley Birdlife

    Aboard our Kimberley Coast voyages, you'll get a firsthand view of Australia's wildest frontier, witnessing some of the country's most unique and rare birdlife. Find out about some of that birdlife here.

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  • Kimberley’s Tides

    Along the Kimberley's Coast, we experience some of Australia's highest tidal patterns. Find out more about this interesting natural phenomenon here.

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  • The Kimberley’s Wildlife

    The Kimberley’s rugged and unspoiled landscape is home to numerous animal species, including endangered and exotic creatures found nowhere else in Australia – let alone the world.

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