With sheer granite cliffs and glacial remnants that rise from the sea, Greenland’s geography can certainly take your breath away. However, the view from the Polar Pioneer is only half of what you can see from the top of these remote and rugged summits.

If you’re an experienced climber and brave enough to take on Scoresby Sund’s ice-filled fjords, we offer the opportunity to scale peaks that few people have ever completed – gaining some of the best views in the world.

The team at Aurora Expeditions will supply all the necessary ropes and survival equipment, while you’ll need to bring various pieces of equipment, appropriate activity clothing and have the right level of travel insurance. So, keen for a challenge?

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Where is Scoresby Sund?

On the eastern coast of Greenland, Scoresby Sund is one of the largest fjord systems in the world. Additionally, several fjords stretch for more than 300km inland from the coast so it’s also one of the longest. The Scoresby Sund fjord has an average depth of around 500m, but at its deepest can reach 1,450m.

Over time, this has carved massive summits on either side of Scoresby Sund – shaped by the constant strong wind and atmospheric conditions. As a result, the region has some of the best climbing locations in Greenland. A great example is Renland, a towering set of peaks and icecaps.

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Climbing Renland

Renland is a series of peaks located deep in the Scoresby Sund. From sea level, these granite cliffs can reach a staggering 2,300m – challenging even the most experienced climber. With its steep slopes, massive rocky crags and jagged peaks, you have to keep your wits about you, but for all the hard work and effort, you’re rewarded with vast views across the icy Greenland environment.

As for the climbing difficulty, Renland is an ideal spot for those keen to hone their skills for the first time on technical rock and ice climbs. There is also a range of expedition-style big wall climbs where multiple climbers can ascend at the same time. Of course, as there is no guidebook for Renland, this is climbing in its purest form.

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One of the benefits of climbing Renland is its weather conditions. Due to its inland position, Renland is sheltered from much of the strong north Atlantic weather systems and therefore enjoys slightly warmer conditions for climbing. During summer, temperatures can reach around between 5 and 18 degrees Celsius – barmy for this part of the world!

Staying safe while climbing in Greenland

At Aurora Expeditions, your safety is of paramount importance to us. Before you attempt a tricky climb, your guide will assess your ability on an initial climb, ensuring that you know how to climb properly and are confident with the range of equipment. We recommend a climbing experience level of at least Grade 10/Difficult/5.2.

If you pass the initial assessment, we’ll undertake several training excursions on the granite cliffs before moving to at least two major ascents over the days ahead. These outings will last between 4 and 10 hours and aim to test as well as develop your climbing skills through technical pitches and abseiling.

How do I get started?

At the moment, climbing in Greenland is possible on two of our European Arctic tours – Jewels of the Arctic and Arctic Complete (Greenland only). If you want the opportunity to climb of the most rugged, but rewarding peaks in Greenland, you’ll need to complete this form while booking.

Before approving your climbing place, our guides will review your form for suitability and experience and again prior to climbing in Greenland.

For more information about this unique experience, feel free to reach out to our helpful team today – happy climbing!


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