One of the best parts about travelling in a group setting is that you never know who you are bound to meet. When everyone is out of their comfort zone, and excited to share the wonderful experiences onboard one of our Antarctica tours, this is when magic can truly happen. At Aurora Expeditions, we look forward to welcoming all types of travellers onboard the Greg Mortimer and the Sylvia Earle. 

But the question is, what type of Antarctic explorer are you?

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The Active Adventurer

This first category of explorer is one who’s just champing at the bit to get out there and experience everything at full blast. This can mean being the first to jump into a sea kayak or don a wetsuit for a thrilling snorkel in the crystalline Antarctic waters. They might even be certified scuba divers, just itching to submerge into a world of underwater ice and glaciers. The Active Adventurer might even have journeyed to the untouched, rugged landscapes of Antarctica in search of the same pioneering spirit fostered by Shackleton and company. In this case, perhaps the Shackleton Alpine Crossing might be appropriate – this trek goes for up to three days, traversing South Georgia from King Haakon Bay across to Stromness. It doesn’t get any more real than this!

The History Buff

There is a wealth of knowledge and wonder to behold when we look to the past, and no one knows this better than the History Buff. With an enthusiasm for discovering the story behind some of the world’s greatest stories, they’ll be just bursting to see some of the iconic sites of the Golden Age of polar exploration, breathing the crisp, icy air that great explorers did all those years ago. The history buffs amongst us will be glad to hear that on our Antarctica voyages, expeditioners will be guided through the intriguing history of the region’s most intrepid and courageous explorers.

The Snapper

For the photographically minded traveller, a trip to Antarctica offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to capture their most unique and dazzling images yet. The rugged terrain offers a visually exhilarating backdrop where penguins, seals and other polar creatures dwell. Some tours are even designed especially with photographers and cinematographers in mind, such as the Photographer’s First Light. You’ll be accompanied by a resident polar photography guide, who can direct you toward some of the best spots as well as offering a wealth of experience and handy tips to help you get that shot. 

The Enviro Enthusiast

While the History Buff might be excited to see some of the significant sites on the expedition, our fellow nature-loving Enviro Enthusiast is here for the thrilling encounters with some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery. On our expeditions, the Enviro Enthusiast can hope to get up close and personal at a penguin rookery, as well as witnessing a whale breaching and seals basking on the shore. They’ll be one of the first on deck to see the icebergs sailing past only a stone’s throw away, and especially keen to hear from our onboard experts about some of the creatures who make their homes in such an unforgiving environment. 

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The Polar Chiller

Maybe you fall into this final category, the quintessentially laid-back Polar Chiller. They’re here to live in the moment and absorb their incredible surroundings, appreciating the magnificence of the region with the occasional “woah,” and “check out that glacier, mate”. They don’t have have to join in every single activity to enjoy their trip, and are happy to let other take the lead and listen to the wisdom of the guides and lecturers. After all, they’re on holiday! To find out more about our Antarctic voyages, you can download a brochure here or alternatively talk to one of our expert team members about booking your trip.

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