What’s your favourite smartphone app? Whether it’s Facebook, YouTube or The Age, these simple programs enable us to continuously connect to the outside world and entertain ourselves.

However, just like all pieces of technology, fresh and exciting applications are always emerging. So, if you’re planning a holiday with Aurora Expeditions, what are some of the best new apps that you need to download? Don’t worry, these are also all free!


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Packing is one of the most stressful parts of travelling – what happens if you forget an important piece of clothing or your favourite socks? With the help of new app PackPoint, you can have complete peace of mind before you depart.

You input your destination – Patagonia, Galápagos Islands, Greenland, for example – and the app will show you the predicted weather conditions and what you’ll need to pack. It’s also smart enough to identify what is required for particular activities while you’re on holiday.

Of course, you’re able to add and remove items from the list and then tick them off as you pack. This is perfect for those heading for Antarctica as conditions in South America can differ before you join the ship on the way to the ice!



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A major part of travel is entertaining yourself. There are always going to be those quiet times where you’ll need something to occupy yourself. This is where Netflix can be your best friend.

If you already have a Netflix account, you can get the free app and then download to your heart’s content before you depart. From movies and TV shows to comedies and documentaries, you can download hours of content for offline viewing when there is no internet. On a long journey, put on your headphones and Netflix will get you to your destination in no time!



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Want to act and feel like a local when in a foreign city? Well, forget your physical map and download the Citymapper application!

This rapidly growing app has a massive database of cities and important travel information to ensure that you’re always heading in the right direction. This includes detailed maps, updates on delays and closures, transportation maps and real-time public transport data.

One of the best aspects of Citymapper is that you can save maps offline and use them when internet access is limited. If you’re planning some travel before or after your voyage with us, this app is a must.

XE Currency


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In a previous article, we highlighted XE Currency as one of the best currency conversion applications on the market and it continues to excel. Updated every minute as well as storing historic data, XE Currency allows you to always be across how much you’re spending during your travels.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re at a local Patagonia market or in a small town in Alaska, you can easily convert the local currency into Australian dollars. On a budget? Let technology take care of everything!



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One of the great benefits of smartphones is their powerful cameras. In some cases, a smartphone can even capture images as well as normal digital cameras. This said, you may still want to the ability to edit your photos while out on the water with Aurora Expeditions. Enter Snapseed!

As one of the most popular photo apps on the market at present, it can do everything from adjusting exposure and colour to cropping, sharpening and perspective correction. You can also add filters in a similar way to Instagram. Of course, when you get back online, upload your professionals images onto social media to show your friends and family.

App continue to shape the way that we interact with the world. To take advantage, you just need to keep an eye on the App Store and enough storage space. If you want to test out your new apps on a voyage, get in touch with our expert booking team today!


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