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We're 100% Climate Neutral!
Discover the next steps in our Positive Impact Plan

We are proud to have been certified 100% Climate Neutral as part of an ongoing active sustainability plan to help make a positive impact on the planet.

This key milestone—achieved in partnership with South Pole, a leading emission reductions project developer and global climate action expert—is the latest step in Aurora’s ongoing commitment to help protect and preserve the planet.

“For more than 30 years, Aurora Expeditions has been deeply committed to responsible and respectful travel,” says CEO Michael Heath.

“As one of the world’s leading polar expedition operators, we are always seeking ways to innovate, educate and create a positive impact for our planet, and we will continue our active sustained efforts to help preserve the beauty and majesty that Mother Nature possesses,” he adds.

The South Pole Climate Neutral Company certification has been achieved by a combination of key sustainability initiatives across the company’s business operations.

In a three-step plan in partnership with South Pole, Aurora Expeditions calculates all GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions across its business operations annually.

Aurora then compensates for these emissions by purchasing carbon credits from climate action projects that meet the highest international standards and sets must-reach goals, targets and timelines to ensure its emission reduction and sustainability programs are best-in-class.

Voted the World’s Leading Polar Expeditions Operator’ in the 2020 World Travel Awards, Aurora Expeditions has chosen to support two climate action projects.

Aurora invests in InfraVest Tongyuan Wind Farm, a renewable energy project in northwest Taiwan harnessing wind power for a sustainable and secure energy future.

In addition to supporting an emissions reduction project, Aurora also supports a biodiversity conservation project in Australia. Mount Sandy Conservation on South Australia’s Limestone Coast promotes conservation partnerships between the traditional Ngarrindjeri landowners and non-Indigenous Australians through vital conservation work.

The program ensures permanent protection of a regionally and culturally important pocket of biodiversity-rich land. Birds, animals, and plants flourish undisturbed, while native plants for revegetation are supplied by the local nursery at Raukkan Aboriginal Community, a self-governed Indigenous community 50 kilometres northwest of the project site. Raukkan community members are also employed for onsite works, including vegetation monitoring, fencing, and pest and weed control.

Climate Neutrality is just one of the actions Aurora is taking. “We plan to accelerate meaningful changes in our active care programs that will make a lasting difference for our people, our expeditions and importantly the future of our planet,” adds Monique.

We aim to create a positive impact by:

  • Continuing to build both our guest and staff legacy for the benefit of the planet.
  • Deepening our connection and understanding of the profound and unique places that we explore.
  • Enriching the guest experience through onboard lectures and participative Citizen Science programs.
  • Creating our new sustainable food program.
  • Championing women in conservation.

On our newest ship, the Sylvia Earle, the decks are all named and themed after seven global ocean conservationists from Plastics Pollution Campaigner Jo Ruxton and Coral Conservation Champion Dr Carden Wallace to young conservationists Hanli Prinsloo dedicated to conserving and protecting the world’s oceans through human experience and Dr Asha de Vos marine biologist, ocean educator and pioneer of blue whale research.

Each deck features a curated gallery experience honouring these women and importantly, shining a light on their crucial global environmental causes.

Our ships are roving ambassadors for the planet, and we hope that our guests will become ambassadors for the planet.

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