Aurora Expeditions have become the first cruise operator to implement a brand new social media tracking service on our remote voyages to Antarctica and the Arctic. The system, dubbed ‘Track my Trip’, allows passengers aboard Aurora Expeditions voyages to share their experiences in real-time with friends at home via email or their preferred social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Despite passengers travelling to some of the remotest locations on earth, the ‘Track my Trip’ system maps the position of Aurora’s ship, Polar Pioneer, by GPS every 15 minutes, delivering updates on passengers social media pages and Aurora’s website map as the ship reaches key landing points. This allows followers to check voyage progress, read fascinating facts on the regions and view imagery of the destination.

Not only does the system share the expedition highlights with friends, it also provides peace-of-mind to family members who can now follow the progress of their loved one on a journey that would otherwise sever any communications for an extended period.

Given the exceptionally remote location of many of their voyages, Aurora Expeditions understood that passengers found communicating with friends and family back home during their expeditions could be irregular, time consuming and expensive – not to mention the last thing passengers want to think about on their trip of a lifetime. By registering to the complimentary 'Track My Trip' system prior to departing for their voyage, passengers can enjoy their voyage with peace of mind that their family and friends know exactly where they are and what they are doing.

Research has shown that showing off travel pictures is the one of the ultimate reason to use Facebook with over 70% of people updating their status whilst on holiday. This system allows passengers to do just this, without the need to use a computer and waste their valuable holiday time.

The system, designed by TrekTraka, makes the most of the latest social media web-delivered software and aligns Aurora Expeditions in the forefront of the social networking space.

View the online tracker here -

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