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Explore the remote and untouched Subantarctic Islands by sea kayaking in South Georgia, the Falklands~Maldivas and the South Sandwich Islands. These charming rugged islands each has its own unique character, rich human history, and unparalleled wildlife.

Allow your knowledgeable Sea Kayaking Guide to bring the waters made famous by Sir Ernest Shackleton to life by sharing incredible tales of his dramatic journey of survival. They will also lead you and your small group of like-minded adventurers to stunning beaches that are filled to the brim with some of the biggest king penguin colonies in the world, which share the prime real estate with sunbathing elephant and fur seals.  

"Just the best possible adventure we could have had visiting and kayaking in South Georgia and Antarctica. Aurora makes it possible to experience a true expedition rather than just a trip."

Sea Kayaking in South Georgia

"We kayaked with whales, seals, penguins, icebergs and glaciers. Our kayak guides were like paddling encyclopaedia and the other guides shared their wealth of knowledge."

How do I go Sea Kayaking in South Georgia, Falklands~Maldivas & the South Sandwich Islands?

If you have intermediate paddling experience and would like to participate in our sea kayaking program on your Subantarctic Islands voyage please contact our expert team or complete a polar kayaking activity form.

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