Dear Expeditioners,

Robert Halfpenny, Aurora ExpeditionsAs some of you may already know, earlier this year I commenced as Aurora Expeditions’ Managing Director. For over 25 years I have worked in the travel industry with some amazing companies, but already I can see that Aurora Expeditions has something very special and unique. The inspiration and passion behind the people who make up Aurora, be it staff or loyal expeditioners like yourselves, have already blown me away and have me very excited.

I can see Aurora’s original philosophy still holds true to its roots of founding partner Greg Mortimer, with whom I had the pleasure of meeting recently. As the first Australian to climb Everest, Greg instilled into this company a desire to keep exploring and pushing the limits to see what was over the horizon. I am pleased to say these values still live on today thanks to the hard work of many like-minded and passionate individuals, including my predecessor Lisa Bolton, who has passionately carried the Aurora spirit with her every step of the way over the past eight years.

In February this year, I had the pleasure of experiencing my first Aurora expedition to Antarctica aboard the Polar Pioneer. I was delighted to see and experience firsthand why our expeditioners rave about Aurora. I instantly felt the connection to Polar Pioneer and now truly understand the experience only a small expedition ship can offer.

However, it wasn’t only the ship what made the experience memorable for me, it was also the comradery between our expedition team and guests. Watching everyone come together to share in the magic of Antarctica really showed a unique perspective as to what we offer. This was beyond what I have ever experienced on any journey in my career and truly something special, and I will personally ensure this continues at the core of our expeditions well into the future.

After experiencing such an expedition, I was cemented in a commitment to make every effort possible to get to know our founders, team and past travellers first hand. I’m eager to continue to learn and reinforce the reasons why our expeditioners return and recommend us time and time again.

As we look to the future, Aurora Expeditions will grow and challenge ourselves to continue to provide unique authentic experiences. My aim is to ensure Aurora Expeditions remains true to our roots of expedition and exploration; to continue to make landings where no one else is game enough to venture; to continue to push the boundaries; and to continue to scratch the paint.

We’ll continue to offer opportunities to experience the unique natural surrounds, to enjoy the freedom and flexibility to stop when something excites, and to offer activities which continue to challenge and push limits. Everything we do will be committed to helping to preserve the destinations we visit and create ambassadors for their protection.  We’ll stay true to our legacy and let our expeditioners delight in the fact that they have chosen to travel with us and not follow more traditional paths.

On that note, in coming weeks I will be sharing our next chapter and vision of expansion for the future of Aurora Expeditions with you.  Our team will be inviting some of you to join our customer discussion groups to help mould this vision, because you too, are part of the Aurora family. 

Please keep reaching out to us as it is our relationship with you which will continue to influence and shape our wonderful company.

I want to thank you for choosing to travel with us over the years, and for sharing our adventurous spirit and love of nature which has made Aurora Expeditions what it is today. Lastly, I personally want to thank the amazingly passionate Aurora Expeditions team for making this all possible.

Yours truly,

Robert Halfpenny
Managing Director
Aurora Expeditions