Have you ever imagined yourself rolling out your sleeping mat and wriggling into your thermal sleeping bag for a night of camping in Antarctica? Trust us – it’s an unforgettable experience.

Leave the comfort of the ship for the night and take part in one of our most popular activities, camping on the ice. No previous experience is required because we believe Antarctic camping is best enjoyed by getting down to basics, without tents. 

Once you’ve settled in, prepare to witness the stunning beauty of the Antarctic night sky, as well as the sounds of ice cracking in the distance and wildlife carrying on their schedule around you. Here we’ll answer your top 5 questions so you can take in the environment in the best way possible – uninterrupted.

How will I stay warm?

Your expedition team will advise you on the appropriate clothing to wear ashore and will provide you with a mat and thermal sleeping bag for your night out on the ice.

Is it safe?

Yes, we’ve taken hundreds of adventurous souls out overnight and our expert expedition teams know where to find the best spots for your camping experience.

Will I get a chance to sleep under the stars?

Our camping trips take place in the middle of the Austral summer, and on the Antarctic Peninsula we’ll be experiencing almost 24 hours of daylight. This means that instead of a starry night, you’ll instead be treated to an extended sunset and sunrise as the sun briefly dips below the horizon, filling the sky with an endless palette of colours.

Am I likely to get much sleep?

Possibly not! Many passengers don’t camp out to sleep – they’re there to soak in the amazing surrounds, witness incredible vistas and enjoy the sounds of nearby penguin colonies and possibly even a calving glacier. We’ll do our best to make sure you get the chance for a cat nap the next day.

What should I bring?

Aurora Expeditions provides all the necessary equipment including a camping mat and thermal sleeping bag, so you only need to bring yourself. Please note: we don’t use tents for our camping experience. We believe that the experience is best enjoyed without blocking the amazing surrounds we’ve come to admire.

Handy Hints

  • Fuel beforehand: Have a good meal or substantial snack before heading off the ship. Your body needs fuel to maintain heat.
  • Toilet facilities: Use the toilet before you leave the  ship.  There will be a toilet on shore but it’s slightly less comfortable.
  • Water: Take a small (but strong) bottle of warm to hot water  (not boiling) and wrap into clothing to insulate it; this  will act as a hot water bottle. The bottle or container  must not leak and should be wrapped in clothing.
  • Clothing: Wear dry clothes, especially dry socks. Put on some headwear to keep your head warm, and don’t wear your shell jacket inside the bag. Thermals and fleece layers should be sufficient.
  • Mats: Use two bedding mats to help insulate you from conductive heat loss.
  • Liners: A sleeping bag liner adds warmth, so make sure you use one inside your bag.
  • Lock in the heat: The sleeping bag draw strings help prevent heat loss, so make sure you use them to trap your body’s heat.
  • Create shelter: Use your pack or build a small snow wall for shelter from the wind.
  • Buddy system: Sleep beside a buddy who will create additional shelter and warmth – find one who doesn’t snore too much!
  • Avoid alcohol: Despite the initial warmth alcohol provides, it soon decreases your body temperature.
  • Ask away: Aurora staff for advice. Experienced staff will be on shore to help make your experience one to remember.

Our camping activity is only available on select voyages and is highly sought after, so book in early! We take a maximum of 40 campers in Antarctica and bookings are on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Please note: camping is highly dependent on weather conditions and only offered on select Antarctic voyages.

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