When it comes to planning your next cruise adventure, one of the most important decisions you'll make is what type of ship you want to travel on. After all, your experience will be considerably different depending on if you're on an ocean liner with thousands of passengers or a smaller vessel with a limited number of guests. 

At Aurora Expeditions, we believe in lower passenger numbers and a higher quality of experience. Here are five reasons why you should chose to travel on a smaller ship for your next cruise.

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1. The experience is more personal

A smaller ship size with a limited number of passengers allows you to have better interaction with your expedition staff, as well as the on-board historians and wildlife experts who help to enrich your experience. With us, you're not just a name on a list, you're part of the expedition crew!

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2. You can get to know your fellow passengers better

Fewer passengers means fewer names to learn, and more opportunities to really get to know the people in your group. After all, you'll be living together, dining together and exploring together... experiences that are even better shared with new friends.

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3. Go where the bigger cruise ships can't 

One of the biggest downsides to travelling on a large cruise ship is how close they can get to shore. On a smaller ship, we can venture closer inland, exploring secluded bays in South Georgia, or down tranquil fjords in Norway. 

Our more compact vessels also enable our skilled captains to make spontaneous stops, or change course to bring you closer to any wildlife sightings off the set itinerary.

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4. Never miss out on a shore landing

Some destinations just aren't designed to handle thousands of passengers disembarking from a cruise ship. For example, Antarctica's strict rules around tourism as imposed by the IAATO mean that vessels carrying over 500 passengers are not permitted to make landings on the frozen continent. 

Furthermore, no more than 100 passengers are allowed to be onshore at one. Thankfully, as the Polar Pioneer has a maximum of 54 passengers, you'll never be prevented from venturing ashore due to passenger numbers.

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5. The focus is always on your environment

Larger cruise ships will nearly always outweigh our expedition vessels in terms of the number of facilities. We don't have swimming pools, cinemas, theatres or gyms on board our ships. Instead, we cater for your general comfort, while focusing on bringing you closer to the real adventures awaiting at our destinations.  

Ready to book your next cruise with Aurora Expeditions?

Whether you're wanting to explore the icy wonderland of Antarctica on Polar Pioneer, or you fancy discovering the rugged beauty of the Kimberley Coast on the Coral Expeditions I, our knowledgeable team is here to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime. 

To find out more, take a look at our brochures online, or for a sneak peek at what life is life on our ships, check out what previous passengers have to say in our Voyage Logs.

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