Could there possibly be any wedding destination more impressive than Antarctica? The majority of people opt to tie the knot on the beach, in a church or in the backyard, but you and your partner aren’t any ordinary couple. You’re too adventurous to get hitched in a stock standard location.

How about getting married on the world’s coldest, driest and windiest continent? Here are three reasons why you should get married in Antarctica:

1. Humble bragging rights

Most people never make it to Antarctica in their lives, let alone have their wedding there. A marriage in a place that’s 98 per cent covered in ice and dotted with awe-inspiring landscapes of fjords, towering mountain ranges and ancient glaciers will definitely be different to any other your friends and family have ever witnessed.

Obviously, you won’t be able to sunbathe on a beach as many couples end up doing on their honeymoon. But how about scuba diving or snorkelling in Antarctic waters? That’s right, you can tick these things off your bucket list when you travel with Aurora Expeditions. We pride ourselves on offering you unique experiences that you won’t get with any other tour operator.

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2. Enviable snaps

After your ceremony, you’ll be able to embark on a honeymoon you’ll remember for the rest of your lives. Picture this: you’re in the remotest continent on Earth with the love of your life. What could be more romantic? While everyone else’s honeymoon pictures will be the same generic ones of them lying on a beach with palm trees overhead, your backdrops will be filled with pack ice and dramatic peaks.

We limit our Antarctic cruises to 132 passengers to ensure that our crew can give everyone the attention they need. It also means that we can be incredibly flexible; if we spot some humpback whales en route, we’ll stop to give you the opportunity to get some pictures with them in the background. Other characters that may turn up as unexpected wedding guests or honeymoon companions in your photos could include gentoo penguins, elephant seals or Antarctic petrels.

3. Help on hand

We’ll make sure this is an experience you will never, ever forget.

We’ve had couples tie the knot aboard our vessels in the past, and each time our crew has done their best to make it the best experience possible. From the ship captain, who’ll be the one performing your ceremony, to our team of experts who’ll ensure the time after the big day is filled with special moments, we’ll make sure this is an experience you will never, ever forget.

Things to keep in mind

A marriage in The British Antarctic Territory (covering the Antarctica Peninsula) will now be valid within the United Kingdom for British citizens – however non-British citizens will need to consult their national authorities regarding a formal validation of the marriage. You will also need to apply for a marriage license at least three months prior to your intended marriage date. Find out more about formalising your marriage in Antarctica.

You can also surprise your partner and propose to them during your journey and hold your wedding ceremony later. After all, where better to show your significant other that you’ll love them to the ends of the Earth than in Antarctica?

Talk to our team at least six months prior to your voyage departure to discuss all the romantic details of your proposal and/or ceremony.*

*All requests are subject to operational requirements