Experience a Christmas, so unique, different and memorable that you will remember it for the rest of your life, only experienced by an adventurous few. Your Christmas cruise to Antarctica where you share magical family moments, observe unique wildlife and wait for Santa’s visit on board your expedition vessel. Our expedition team gives you ten fantastic reasons to experience Christmas in Antarctica!

1 . The perfect white Christmas

Snowmen, snow angels or snow fights, Antarctica is the perfect place for the White Christmas you’ve always dreamed of! Watch for the first giant iceberg as you approach the Antarctic Peninsula, enjoy the sights of huge mountains covered with fluffy white snow along the Danco Coast and be awe-inspired as you cruise along towering and spectacular ice cliffs. The most breathtaking and beautiful red, orange and pink sunsets will complete this magical backdrop for an unforgettable festive season adventure!

2. The ultimate family experience

Take the whole family to Antarctica for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to the last continent! Parents and children* alike will certainly enjoy observing and learning about lively penguin colonies and get excited as they spot dolphins and whales from Zodiacs or the ship’s large viewing areas. You can all help to decorate the Christmas tree on board the ship, and set the Polar Pioneer up for the festive season! Enjoy some great and invaluable family time in the world’s most unique location!

Gentoo penguins, Antarctica   Christmas Dinner

3. … or if another family Christmas is already giving you a headache,

Antarctica is pretty much as far away as you can get! Book it now to escape it all! Antarctica caters for everyone!

4. Adventurers will get busy

With an average of 18-20 hours of sunlight, it is the perfect excuse to make the most out of your Christmas adventure in Antarctica! Expect every day to be jam packed with shore landings, sea kayaking fun (surcharge applies), amazing wildlife, bird life encounters and even after-dinner Zodiac cruises! Our expedition team always says, “There will be plenty of time to sleep when you get home!”

5. A stress-free, relaxing Christmas… for once!

Stay away from the Christmas craziness this year! At this busy time of the year, how about letting others take care of everything? Step on board Polar Pioneer and let the expedition team guide you through a fantastic journey to Antarctica from day one.

Snow fight in Antarctica   Christmas celebrations on Polar Pioneer

6. Witness Antarctica’s wildlife at its busiest

Lively penguins are busy shuttling from sea to shore to keep their chicks well fed, Crabeater and Weddell seals are patrolling the bays or stopping on ice floes for a quick nap, Humpback whales visit protected channels to bubble-net feed, whilst dolphins playfully breach beside us… Expect your Christmas adventure to be filled with amazing, once in a lifetime wildlife encounters. And if you’re lucky, penguins might even sing a Christmas carol or two!

7. Wake up under the midnight sun

By far the most popular experience, adventurer-style ice camping will definitely add some great memories to your already-unique Antarctica cruise! For some it may even be a chance to make their first ever camping experience memorable! With almost 24 hours of day light, witness Antarctica’s stunning silence and peaceful scenery from your comfy sleeping bag.

8. ‘Tis the season to be jolly!’

Join fellow expeditioners to sing Christmas carols, help the ship put on its colourful festive decorations and enjoy a traditional Christmas lunch including sumptuous roast turkey with all the trimmings. Just because you are in one of the planet’s most remote areas doesn’t mean the spirit of Christmas is out of reach!

Experience camping under the midnight sun!   Sleepy seal in Antarctica

9. Meet your new family

For those who don’t have family, here is your chance to spend Christmas with others like you! Our Australian expedition guides and Russian ship crew will always make you feel right at home, and it won’t take long for you to make new friends. Antarctica is the perfect place to forge many new friendships!

10. Ho ho ho!

Did we mention that Polar Pioneer is equipped with a sleigh landing pad? Expect a visit from the red-suited man that will deliver your presents personally on Christmas morning!

If you’re thinking exploring Antarctica next Christmas, click here to find out more.