For many years Aurora Expeditions has worked closely with a select group of expedition companies; those that are closely aligned with the philosophies we hold dear – small groups, big adventures, fantastic itineraries and responsible travel.

When it is not possible for Aurora Expeditions to operate in every destination that we would like, we have identified the experts in these regions with whom we have a trusted relationship.

The Aurora Partnership Program outlines the experts that we have a long-standing relationship with, whom we continue to work with to offer you trips that embody everything you love about expedition travel; exploring the most remote coastlines and regions of our planet.

By formalising the relationship with these travel partners, we can provide new dimensions to our program whilst maintaining a strong synergy with our own fantastic expeditions. By choosing to travel on one of our Aurora Partnership Program itineraries, we are confident you will experience a voyage that meets the expectations of the truly adventurous, whilst maintaining the high standards we expect.

Please contact us to find out availability on our partnship voyages today.

Ecuador & Galápagos

Straddling the equator, Ecuador is one of the planet’s biological hotspots, with fascinating historical and geological diversity to match. Meet the indigenous people of the Amazon Basin, observe howler monkeys, scarlet macaws and pink dolphins, and swim with sea lions and turtles in the Galápagos Islands.

Russian Arctic & Far East

From polar bears and walrus of Wrangel Island in the north; to reindeer, grey whales and Chukchi culture of Chukotka; from the smoking volcanoes, brown bear and salmon of Kamchatka; to Stellar sea lions and puffins, guillemots, and Stellar sea eagles of sub-Arctic Commander Islands and migratory bird watching beyond compare – the Russian coast is where experienced adventurers dream of visiting.

Papua New Guinea

Discover a wondrous world off PNG’s north coast, with Alotau’s traditional welcome dances, Milne Bay’s WWII history and Dobu Island’s Kula Ring trading ceremony. Find out what’s behind the ‘Islands of Love’, the incomparable beauty of Tufio Fjords and the ancient Sepik River. Revel in turtles, giant lizards, tropical fish, active volcanoes and the planet’s most diverse corals.


Embark on a ‘Top End’ adventure from the Kimberley coast to culturally-rich islands of Torres Strait, remote Arnhem Land and breathtaking Great Barrier Reef; or sail along Tasmania’s southern coast and venture through pristine national parks, World Heritagelisted sites, and indulge in the world-renowned Tasmanian produce.