Aurora Expeditions, in partnership with Dr Sylvia Earle and Ocean Geographic, is excited to invite you aboard the "BIG ACE - the Bears, Ice, Glaciers, Arctic Climate Expedition 2025"

Hosted by Dr Sylvia Earle in her 90th birthday year, this expedition will honour Dr Earle’s lifelong advocacy for the world’s oceans by inviting changemaker passengers to use their own voice, contributing their various talents or ‘superpowers’ to instigate meaningful conversations and spur action to safeguard the planet for future generations.

The Arctic is a vital region of the planet. It has a major role in shaping Earth's climate. The BIG ACE is a profoundly significant project that calls for the convergence of 110 great minds. You are invited to be part of the action, to join, to be a voice.

BIG ACE seeks to lobby for the protection of the Arctic, foster a collective appreciation of our planet’s fragility and mitigate the impact of climate change through the power of the arts. The Arctic, where warming occurs at a rate four to five times greater than the global average, is undergoing significant degradation. 

As a Certified B Corporation™, we’re committed to driving positive change and contributing to a more sustainable future. The BIG ACE project is a key initiative towards fulfilling that goal – building ambassadors for the conservation and preservation of our planet.

Distinct from conventional polar expeditions, expeditioners on BIG ACE will have the chance to engage in hands-on workshops and activities designed to foster environmental stewardship and promote sustainable living. These engaging sessions encompass a variety of subjects, including essay writing, fine art painting, photography, and public speaking, empowering participants to express their commitment to conservation through diverse creative outlets.

BIG ACE isn’t confined to scientists and researchers; this epic project calls for an assemblage of 110 global citizens and we welcome registrations of interest from people of all ages, nationalities, educational and professional backgrounds. Each participant will be asked to contribute their specialised expertise for a collective cause, using their unique voice. Whether through storytelling, film production, poetry, music, art, education, lobbying, or other avenues, every participant will play a vital role in championing the Arctic’s cause.

*Submission of the ACE application does not guarantee acceptance. Each application will be put through rigorous reviews by the BIG ACE 2025 Committee. Applicants are anticipated to be of good health, reputation and of excellent ethical standards.

Big ACE High Arctic Odyssey

Departing 23 June 2025 | 13 Days

The BIG ACE High Arctic Odyssey begins from Longyearbyen, Svalbard, and navigates northward to go beyond 80°N in pursuit of the remaining Arctic ice shelf. The voyage will aim to proceed (weather permitting) eastward towards Kritøya, circling around Austfonna, one of the largest glaciers on the planet. Throughout, the aim will be to encounter and observe a diverse array of Arctic wildlife, including polar bears, walruses, puffins, and arctic foxes, amidst the stunning backdrop of sea ice platforms and calving glaciers. With Svalbard boasting an astounding 2100 glaciers, this expedition promises an unparalleled natural spectacle.

Our Expedition Ship - The Sylvia Earle

Our small purpose-built ship, the Sylvia Earle, was designed for discovery and carries on average 132 expeditioners. Named as a tribute to marine biologist, oceanographer and explorer Dr. Sylvia Earle, it serves as a floating ambassador for the conservation of the planet.

Featuring the Ulstein X-BOW® design, it cuts through the swell for a smoother transit through waves while minimising its environmental impact. Complete with a fully equipped Citizen Science Centre, multiple observation areas, Zodiac launching platforms, a gourmet restaurant, a gym, Jacuzzis, and many other amenities, the Sylvia Earle is a comfortable base camp for adventure.

About Dr Sylvia Earle

Oceanographer, Marine Biologist and Explorer

Dr Sylvia Earle, a Rolex Testimonee fondly referred to as Her Deepness is the recipient of more than 100 national and international honours and awards. These include being named Time Magazine’s first Hero of the Planet, a Living Legend by the Library of Congress in 2014, UNEP Champion of the Earth, Glamour Magazine’s 2014 Woman of the Year, member of the Netherlands Order of the Golden Ark, and winner of 2009 TED Prize, the Walter Cronkite Award, the 1996 Explorers Club Medal, the Royal Geographic Society 2011 Patron’s Medal and the National Geographic 2013 Hubbard Medal.

Sylvia was the first woman to become chief scientist of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and is currently President and Chairperson of Mission Blue and the Sylvia Earle Alliance.

Known as the mother of our world’s oceans, she is an oceanographer, explorer, author, and lecturer with an insatiable passion for underwater exploration and marine conservation. Sylvia still currently holds the record for a solo dive to an astonishing depth of 1,005 meters into the deep sea.

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