Become an Antarctic Expert!

Would you like to know more about Antarctica? Attend Aurora Expeditions' online information session to find out why Antarctica is the number one booked polar destination!

Joining Aurora Expeditions' online information session is special guest speaker, Dr Roger Kirkwood. Roger has been working for Aurora Expeditions in Antarctica since 1999 as both a Naturalist and Expedition Leader. As a marine biologist, Roger has been involved in a number of projects from spending a year living beside an emperor penguin colony in Antarctica to publishing over 100 research articles and four books! Roger's extensive knowledge and passion for wildlife is contagious and he is always keen to share his experiences with everyone he meets.

Roger will be joining select Aurora Expedition voyages in 2020/21, see below for more information.

The topics covered during the online information session will be:

  • Antarctica’s landscapes and scenery
  • Antarctica and Subantarctic wildlife
  • What to expect at what time of year
  • The difference between the Antarctic Peninsula and Subantarctic Islands
  • Antarctic voyages offered by Aurora Expeditions
  • The new purpose-built expedition ship, the Greg Mortimer

Online Information Sessions:

We are running two online information sessions. Please register to the session that suits you the best. By registering, we will send you a link of the recorded online information session if you’re unable to attend on the day.

Session 1:

Tuesday 10th December at 5:00pm (GMT- 5) New York, United States

Wednesday 11th December at 9:00am (AEDT) Sydney, Australia


Session 2:

Wednesday 11th December at 8:00pm (AEDT) Sydney, Australia

Wednesday 11th December at 5:00pm (GMT+ 8) Beijing, China

Wednesday 11th December at 9:00am (GMT+ 0) London, United Kingdom


Dr Roger Kirkwood, Expedition Leader and Naturalist

Lelia Cataldi

Roger has been exploring polar regions for over 30 years. In 1984, he first travelled to Antarctica as a krill research assistant on an Australian Antarctic Division, marine science expedition. He caught the Antarctic bug and returned nine more times to study zooplankton, seals, penguins and albatross. Mostly he was based in remote field camps – such as in the northern Vestfold Hills, on a glaciated Heard Island, on rock stacks in Drake’s Passage, and he spent a year beside an emperor penguin colony 60 km from Mawson Station – he did his PhD on emperor penguin foraging ecology.

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    Expedition - Antarctic Explorer

    Antarctic Explorer

    11/12 DAYS from US$11,500 per person FLY/SAIL

    Spend more time exploring the Antarctic Peninsula with FLY/SAIL itineraries, including a new FLY/FLY voyage that skips the Drake completely!

    View Expedition Details
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    Expedition - South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey

    South Georgia & Antarctic Odyssey

    21/22 DAYS from US$19,400 per person

    Throughout long summer days, discover wildlife-rich South Georgia, step foot on the magnificent Antarctic Peninsula and retrace Ernest Shackleton's epic journey from Elephant Island.

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  • Special Departure

    Expedition - Solar Eclipse in Antarctica

    Solar Eclipse in Antarctica

    22 Days from US$23,700 per person

    A total solar eclipse occurs only every 1-2 years, but to possibly experience it in Antarctica is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event.

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  • New

    Expedition - Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula

    Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula

    21 Days from US$19,800 per person

    Combine Falkland Islands~Malvinas with the dazzling scenery and wildlife of South Georgia, and the Antarctic Peninsula for a truly unforgettable voyage.

    View Expedition Details
  • New

    Expedition - Antarctica Complete

    Antarctica Complete

    23 Days from US$23,300 per person

    If you only have one chance to visit Antarctica, this voyage is for you. On this epic journey, you will experience the wonders of Antarctica and venture where few travellers have been.

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    Expedition - Spirit of Antarctica

    Spirit of Antarctica

    12 DAYS from US$10,900 per person

    Get ready for a classic Antarctic adventure, jam-packed with pristine icy landscapes, busy wildlife and many excursions and activities!

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