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Antarctica Cruise – Aurora Expeditions explains when is the best time to travel

It is important to think about the best time of year to travel if you are considering Antarctica cruises. There are many aspects to selecting Antarctica cruises and a good way to figure out when to travel is to evaluate what type of experience you expect to have while there. November to March is the Antarctica cruise season.

Aurora Expeditions offer Antarctica tours departing South America throughout the Antarctic summer and offer you the experience of a lifetime.

November and December

In November or early December you can expect to see birdlife including penguins, snow petrels, skuas, giant petrels, and cormorants. At this time of year your Antarctic cruise experience will include observing birds busily building nests and beginning their breeding cycle; while other wildlife are actively attracting mates with fascinating courtship behaviour.

December and January

A mid-season voyage, between December and January is another great time to take a cruise to Antarctica. You can expect to see whales, especially humpbacks, feeding along the coast of Antarctica, and penguin chicks making their first foray from their nests. You will also see skuas, petrels and albatross. Weddell, Crabeater and Leopard seals will be resting on icefloes or on the shore, making this a wonderful time for an Antarctica travel adventure.

February and March

Another great time for cruises to Antarctica is in February and March. During these months you will see large penguin chicks resting in crèches, as the adults feed at sea. Leopard seals often make the most of the juvenile penguins’ first swim and feed avidly. Fur seals rest on ice floes, and Orca and Minke whales can appear alongside your Zodiac at anytime. You will encounter dramatic sunsets across glacial landscapes in this icy realm which changes from hour to hour.

The weather is erratic, and on a great Antarctic cruise you can experience crystal clear days or snow, sleet and wind any time of the season.

Whenever you decide is the best time for an Antarctic cruise ship vacation, you will discover a breathtaking continent, and a landscape like no other.

  • Antarctic Explorer

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    Expedition - In Shackleton’s Footsteps

    In Shackleton’s Footsteps

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    Late summer offers the best chance to chart a course through the Weddell Sea’s shifting pack ice and vast tabular bergs, where Shackleton’s ship Endurance was trapped and crushed.

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  • Spirit of Antarctica

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    Get ready for an classic Antarctic adventure, jam-packed with pristine icy landscapes, busy wildlife and many daily excursions and activities!

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