Celebrating a quarter of a century

It's been 25 years since Aurora Expeditions' co-founders, Greg and Margaret Mortimer, first started taking small groups of friends and keen travellers to Antarctica. Aboard small, ice-strengthened vessels, they took groups of intrepid explorers to places few, if any, had ever been before, pioneering a long list of 'firsts' along the way.

Over the years, we’ve been proud to have pioneered trips to the world’s wildest places. We’ve pushed through pack ice to East Antarctica, opened up the Russian Far East and North East Passage, discovered hidden pockets of Papua New Guinea and so much more.

Twenty-five years on, the same spirit of small groups and big adventures is as highly valued as it was at the start. Our small ship philosophy allows us the flexibility to change our schedules as the ice and weather do, often resulting in additional landings, closer wildlife sightings and more incredible experiences in some of the greatest destinations on our planet.

25 Years of Exploration Starts Here...

'91 The journey begins 
Greg and Margaret Mortimer establish Aurora Expeditions, with our first Antarctic voyage in early '92. Named in honour of Sir Douglas Mawson's ship, they had a simple aim - to take small groups of travellers on voyages of discovery to inspiring regions. 

'93 Antarctic activities 
We introduce ship-based activities, first overnight ice camping and then, a year later, sea kayaking. Not only are our adventure activities a natural extension of our drive to explore, but they are also fantastically exciting.

'97 Into the Arctic 
Mesmorised by polar bears, walrus, musk ox and puffin, we launch adventures to Spitsbergen and Greenland. Adventurers come in search of stunning landscapes and extraordinary wildlife, and leave as staunch ambassadors for this beautiful and fragile place.

Aurora Expeditions Cruises the Arctic

'98 Kimberley Coast 
Aboriginal culture, saltwater crocs & ancient landscapes draw us to the wilderness in our own backyard, to appreciate a rugged and remote wilderness few others will see.

'01 Crossing South Georgia 
We lead the first commercial expedition to retrace Shackleton, Crean and Worsley's epic trek of survival. Keen adventures join us to tackle one of the most challenging crossings in the world.

'05 Wild Scotland 
Our inaugural Scotland voyage reveals sea caves, Stone Age villages, puffins, whiskey and more - now one of our most popular! 

Fly into Antarctica

'12 Fly into Antarctica 
We introduce 'Fly&Sail' voyages to Antarctica, thus eliminating one sea crossing of the Drake Passage and allowing more time to be spent on exploration and discovery.

'14 A new gateway to Antarctica 
We pioneer Antarctic departures from Puerto Williams, reducing sail time by 4 hours.

'16 Polar Snorkelling 
Still pushing boundaries, we introduce snorkelling to our Arctic program after success in Antarctica, putting Aurora Expeditions at the forefront of polar adventures!