Bird & Wildlife Watching

Puffin in ScotlandAurora Expeditions’ voyages to remote, untamed regions offer unique opportunities to experience some of our planet's most extraordinary and rare bird and wildlife. Every one of our voyages offers you the chance to join our expert naturalists as we actively search, high and low, for some of the most unique wildlife around. Our naturalist will also provide detailed and entertaining talks so you can learn more about different species and varieties of animals that call our wonderful destinations home. 



Scotia Sea Springtime 2015 - Learn about unique and fascinating birdlife!
For our 2015 Scotia Sea Springtime expedition, we have partnered with BirdLife Australia to cater for the needs of birders and travellers alike. Our expert team will be joined by a BirdLife Australia specialist, who will help interpret the many bird species we'll encounter. Plus, you'll receive a FREE 12-month BirdLife Australia membership!

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