The trip was more than I expected, I describe it to friends as waking to a different David Attenborough program every day, but better.
T.Johnston - Spitsbergen Odyssey, 2016

My third trip to Antarctica and the best ever, with kayaking --six paddles, wonderful food and lots of adventure in a pristine part of the world!
Phoebe Reynolds - United States - Weddell Sea Explorer

A special thank you to all the Aurora office expedition staff for an exceptional trip to South Georgia and the Peninsula on the Polar Pioneer. Don, Robyn and the other staff plus the Russian crew made it indeed a holiday to remember. I had researched so much beforehand but the reality of experiencing the environment and the wildlife firsthand was way beyond my expectations! Your wonderful staff were highly experienced and professional and their passion for their jobs really enhanced our enjoyment.
Jenny Henderson - Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia & Falkland Islands

The voyage on the Polar Pioneer was amazing! The tour arrangements and information beforehand was excellent. On board, the expedition leaders and crew were wonderful and went out of their way to give us the best possible time and were always cheerful and helpful. They must have worked really long hours and we appreciated everything they did. How the chefs produced such beautiful meals and snacks I shall never know. Camping out on the ice was a truly memorable experience.
Linda Zerk - Across the Antarctic Circle for Climbers & Divers

I thought the trip was incredible, had a great time & enjoyed every minute. Our expedition leader Don was very good; he was knowledgeable, flexible & realistic in describing what we might expect from plans & timetables etc. I thought that he always had the interests of the group at the forefront of his thinking about where we went next. When the conditions looked changeable or challenging he was always ready with a workable alternative.

Our landings on South Georgia were all interesting & varied in terms of history, geography & wildlife - we packed in as much as possible - 10 landings/Zodiacs in 4 days. The food served by Brendan & Jo was good, hearty food, quite an intelligent & non-repetitive set of menus; I thoroughly looked forward to meal times each day. Your staff worked tirelessly, were very personable & were always ready to help the passengers & assist with a smile. Alan the naturalist was very knowledgeable & seemed to be everywhere spotting wildlife and Dave the historian was an absolute gem, what a life he's led, a true story teller. Finally the captain & crew were all exceptional & made everything happen seamlessly.

What sounds like a high price for a 19 day trip, is in fact good value when you look at what goes into it. What's more, the trip attracted a great bunch of people & has provided me with some wonderful memories for years to come.
Ed Parker - Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula

I would like to commend Aurora and all the staff, both office and those on our trip. Nothing ever seemed to be too much trouble and all staff were there with information and help to make the trip as enjoyable as possible. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Aurora to friends and acquaintances for their professional and yet friendly advice and service to trippers. Hopefully I will be able to go on another trip with you in the future.
Kay Bousfield - Weddell Sea & Antarctic Peninsula

I've just had a trip of a lifetime to Antarctica with your staff and crew. I have backpacked around the world and was a bit nervous about booking an organised trip...however clearly I chose the best company because my voyage was like travelling with old friends. Everything was amazing. Don and the team were outstanding, devoted, passionate, informative, caring, exciting... and all the ing positive words you can think of!!! I cannot thank you enough for being the best travel company in the world! Don knew how to seize every opportunity that Antarctica gave us including cruising with 4 Orca whales aboard our zodiacs for two hours! He is truly an inspirational educator. The staff all communicated an infallible respect for the pristine nature of Antarctica and its breathtaking wildlife and I feel comfortable that our tour of the peninsula was responsible. Alan taught me more about wildlife than I have learned in my life. Jo and Brendan took care of my dietary restrictions better than my own mother and their meals were nutritious and delicious!

The Russian crew worked tirelessly and were so friendly and eager to teach us about nautical aspects of expedition cruising.

In short, I worship the ground you all walk on and could not have planned a better trip myself. Thank you for a trip that exceeded my wildest dreams and has changed my life!
Jasmine St-Laurent - Antarctic Peninsula

Our trip to Antarctica was such an amazing experience. Thank you for all you did to make it just that. We are very pleased we picked Aurora, and I believe it was the great group of leaders of the expedition that made it so special. I am especially grateful to Skye and Robyn for the way you encouraged me to keep on going ashore, and you looked after me so nicely and capably. My photos will always be a reminder to me of that care and assistance, as well as of the grandeur of Antarctica. Thank you so much.
Diana Catts - Weddell Sea & Antarctic Peninsula

I wish to express my sincere and extreme gratitude to Aurora for helping me to fulfil my dream of visiting Antarctica and Mawson's Hut. My expectations for the trip were high, yet Aurora and the crew managed to exceed them beyond my wildest dreams. From the time we first landed on Macquarie Island, every day I wondered whether the trip could get any better, and every day, Greg and the team took us somewhere and showed us something that simply blew my mind. From the day of my first telephone contact with Aurora I was impressed with the friendly, helpful and open nature of the staff. This extended to the shipboard Aurora and educational staff. At no point was there ever the feeling of a distinction between staff and passengers. People who had travelled with Aurora previously talked of the 'Aurora Family', and I can now fully understand what they meant. The excitement and enthusiasm of all the staff was contagious, and contributed greatly to the voyage. This was no guided scenic trip. Instead, I was able to gain a true sense of Antarctica from people who had spent a great deal of time there and clearly loved the place.

Before the trip, I had private concerns that I might be wasting my money on a voyage such as this - however I can wholeheartedly say that this voyage was worth every single cent, and then some.
Richard Johnson - Commonwealth Bay & Beyond: Mawson's Antarctica

What an amazing expedition! I just can't believe how good it was. The level of professionalism that has been achieved by Aurora is far beyond anything that I have experienced in over 35 years of travelling. Polar Pioneer was presented in excellent condition with all the facilities one would need. Her crew are competent friendly and courteous. Access to the bridge was such a vital component to the depth of experience on the expedition. The Aurora team on board were just so enthusiastic, communicative and helpful. The two guest lecturers shared amazing knowledge and experiences and were readily accessible at all times. Dave Burkitt is surely a living legend. Veronica in your office was so helpful and efficient in setting up my flights, accommodation and all my add-on bits.

Congratulations Aurora on delivering a magnificent package.
Colin Smith - Falkland Islands, South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula