Travels to the ends of the Earth

Kester is nothing short of a modern day renaissance man. He grew up in Kenya, graduated in medicine at St Andrews University in Scotland, worked as a student in Labrador and did general practice in Yellowknife in the Canadian north before becoming well known as a pediatric anesthetist in Melbourne.

He has been a keen photographer and painter for over 40 years and has pursued both interests during his extensive travels, which have included Antarctica twice, Spitsbergen, Greenland, Norway and Iceland. Kester always carries a camera and his watercolors during his travels and his fascination for places and exploration in the far north and south is evident from his large personal collection of work.

This unique book is a synthesis of his interests and is composed of paintings, many done on site, poems – a mixture of historical accounts and descriptions of places, events and phenomena, and photographs. There are a few short and intriguing tales of northern exploration – Nansen across the Arctic, Gino Watkins to Greenland, John Rae and Samuel Hearne in the Canadian north.

Kester sent a copy of his book in to the office recently and we have all appreciated the diverse set of artistic skills of this talented man. It really is inspiring to see the work of someone who is as passionate about the polar regions as we are.

If you would like a copy of this emotive new book, simply contact Kester via email on Book order