Eirik’s Big Year: Norway

Eirik Grønningsæter is a freelance wildlife photographer, field biologist, and naturalist with Aurora Expeditions, who is currently is trying to set a new record for how many different bird species it is possible to see within one year in Norway.

Growing up on the west coast of Norway, Eirik’s interest for nature and nature management has always been strong, and there was no suprise when he completed a degree in Zoology. Over the years he has worked for numerous research projects based on different animals such as whales, birds, bats and large predators. He has also run his own company designing and running fieldwork for various wildlife and scientific projects.

Having witnessed some amazing animal experiences, Eirik has combined his love of field biology with his keen eye and also expanded his career into wildlife photography. He has become an internationally-awarded photographer, and has had his pictures published in prestigeous magazines such as National Geographic and BBC Wildlife Magazine.

Such skills and experience will be a great asset in his year long project! You can follow Eirik's progress via his blog:


Eirik will be a naturalist on board our Spitsbergen Odyssey expeditions this year!


Here are just a few amazing photos Eirik has taken of birds he has spotted so far: