20 to 25% off Antarctic Peninsula voyages!

Antarctica - do I go this year, or next? Let us help you decide with 20 to 25% off two selected voyages* this 2010/11 season.

25% off! Our Springtime voyage offers the chance to witness the millions of penguins, seabirds and seals as they make their way to Antarctica in preparation for breeding during the intense, short summer.

25% off! Our Christmas voyage is the perfect opportunity to experience a true ‘White Christmas'. With our creative season festivities onboard Polar Pioneer it will be hard not to get involved in the celebrations! This voyage also offers the chance to experience 24-hour daylight, and at this time of year many of the birds have chicks, phytoplankton blooms attract krill, and humpbacks and other whales arrive to feed.

20% off! Our Across the Circle voyages take you south of the Antarctic Circle and beyond lies a remote region of exquisite beauty. For scuba divers, there is clear water rich in the underwater marine life, and for those not inclined to get wet you will be mesmerised by the wildlife sightings from the open bridge as well as the chance to visit haunting historic sites, amidst stunning scenery that few will ever see. Renowned underwater photographer will also accompany these voyages, passing on expert advice on photographing underwater and above.

As another benefit to all our passengers we are offering 25% off travel insurance when you book your flight or accommodation arrangements with our reservations team in conjunction with any of our 2010/2011 Antarctica expeditions.

There really is no better time to discover Antarctica! So BOOK NOW as availability is limited!

View Springtime and Christmas voyage information and prices here.

View Across the Circle voyage information and prices here.

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*Valid for new bookings only and no further discounts apply.