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The country of Nepal is situated in the Himalayas, with the Tibetan border to the north, and India hugging the east, south and west borders. Boosting Nepal tourism and Nepal tours are the various trekking opportunities along eight of the 10 highest peaks in the world – including Mount Everest of course.


What to Expect

Aurora’s Nepal trek is what is known as a teahouse trekking where you’ll spend nights in custom-built mountain lodges complete with hot water. The Classic Everest Expedition—colloquially known as the “Yeti Trail”—was developed by Sherpa legend Tashi Tenzing and begins in Kathmandu. Over the next 9 days you will trek roughly 300-500 metres for about three to eight hours per day on mostly rocky surfaces and pass through villages—including Norgay Tenzing’s childhood village—, temples, ancient sites and pine forests as you soak up not only the picturesque views, but also the traditional Nepalese culture. And while we may not be hiking up the monstrous Mt. Everest, you will be treated to the sun rising over it. 

Our tours are perfectly planed to fall within the best Nepal trekking seasons; from March to June (29 April – 11 May 2014) where you will be treated to mostly clear skies, but will certainly require warmer attire.

Nepal Trekking with Aurora ExpeditionsNepal Trekking with Aurora ExpeditionsNepal Trekking with Aurora Expeditions

Be Prepared: Responsible and Healthy Nepal Treks

Bearing in mind that roughly 90% of the population follows the Hindu faith, it is expected that those who join Nepal trekking tours respect the faith and culture; i.e. appropriate attire of slightly longer shorts and covered shoulders for females.

A breathtaking feat such as this does require a body that is fit—especially when climbing higher altitudes—so even if you regularly embark on such adventure trips we recommend that you start training at least four months beforehand. In terms of vaccinations, it is vital that you are inoculated against:

• Typhoid

• Tetanus

• Hepatitis

• Meningococcal meningitis

The water in Nepal could be contaminated, so it is vital that you boil or sterilise all water before consumption.

Whilst it is possible to obtain a visa at Kathmandu airport, it is much wiser to have this organised prior to your departure; this will cost between US$60 and $170, roughly, depending on how long you wish to stay. We also urge you to carry with you a minimum of four passport photos for the trekking permit.

The local Nepal currency is the Rupee, so be sure to check exchange rates so that you bring along enough money for personal purchases (and tipping, which is customary!) or optional excursions not included in our formal itinerary – anything from about US$500 to $700 for the entire trip duration should be sufficient.