Sea Kayaking

Kayaking in the Polar Regions

The experience of kayaking in the humbling wilderness of Antarctica or the European Arctic is guaranteed to stir your soul. Paddle between brash ice and icebergs of all shapes and sizes, skim past penguin rookeries and seals sleeping on passing ice floes, or drift quietly as you watch wildlife unobtrusively, absorbing the majestic scenery.

‘Getting out amongst it’ is our philosophy, and that is exactly what we do. Once we reach our destination, we aim to kayak at least once a day, weather depending. If the opportunity arises we may go out twice, as the 24-hour daylight allows for some beautiful evening paddles under the midnight sun.

"My third trip to Antartica and the best ever, with kayaking - six paddles, wonderful food and lots of adventure in a pristine part of the world!" P. Reynolds. Weddell Sea Explorer

Kayaking in Antarctica with Aurora ExpeditionsKayaking in Antarctica with Aurora ExpeditionsKayaking in Antarctica with Aurora Expeditions

Rather than travelling large distances, our aim is to see as much as possible. We paddle anywhere between 5 to 15 kilometres (2 to 4 hours) per outing, sometimes taking a snack and a flask of hot chocolate to enjoy on our excursion.

Each group of 4 to 12 kayakers generally visit the same wildlife sites as our fellow expeditioners, however our smaller craft often means that we also have the opportunity to access areas that are often not accessible by Zodiacs. We will also make time to do some shore landings with the rest of the group.

When we visit the poles, the elements play an important role. It is important that you have an adventurous attitude and understand that our kayaking time will be effected by the weather that we experience.

Even if your experience is limited, we’d encourage you to call us to discuss your suitability. There is often ample time to gain the required experience before you depart. Kayakers should be aged 14 or over.

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If you have any queries regarding our sea kayaking option please contact our friendly sales team.

Equipment Included

  • Kayak & Paddle 
  • Neoprene boots
  • Safety gear 
  • A 20-litre dry bag
  • Life jackets
  • Dry suits
  • Pogies (insulated mittens that attach to your paddle.

Our Guides

Our guides have years of kayaking experience in our destinations. The guide will lead the group on each excursion, explaining facts about the wildlife and other highlights we paddle across. You can view our sea kayaking guides' profiles here.

Sea Kayaking Voyages

Please check individual voyage details for sea kayaking surcharge.


How to book

Simply inform our sales team at time of booking that you would like to include the optional sea kayaking activity to your expedition. Places are limited.

More information and download the booking form.

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