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Discover Greenland cruises to the heart of nature

A cruise to Greenland offers the chance to experience this majestic landscape, where the world’s second largest ice cap disgorges massive sculpted bergs, and granite walls tower above sparkling fjords. Aurora Expeditions’ Greenland cruises to the country’s east coast takes advantage of their ship’s shallow draft and manoeuvrability to explore Skjoldungen Fjord, where glaciers carve through spectacular mountains, yet recede in the warmth of changing climes.

Greenland is teeming with a magnificent range of Arctic flora and fauna. Here you will find the musk ox graze in the scree as their long brown coats swish against the ground. Overhead peregrine falcons, Arctic terns and glaucous gulls soar gracefully. The waters are rich with whales and seals, whilst on land wolves and mountain hares meander.

Musk Ox - Jewels of the ArcticJewels of the Arctic voyageKayaking in the Arctic - Jewels of the Arctic

As Greenland tourism is slowly increasing, Aurora Expeditions is conscious to ensure we respect the land and culture of east Greenland’s local Inuit people. As a founding member of the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators, we are dedicated to manage respectable, environmentally-friendly and safe expeditions in the Arctic.

Greenland holidays offer a range of amazing experiences and unlike other Greenland tours, Aurora Expeditions cruises to Greenland offers the opportunity to explore the vast wilderness, come face-to-face with the wildlife, and enjoy a low-impact Greenland travel experience at its best.

Aurora Expeditions offer a range of High Arctic cruises from July to September.

Watch our Jewels of the Arctic video below!