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Join us on this unique journey venturing into the heart of this mystical and spiritual kingdom. By road we travel between Lhasa and Kathmandu visiting Tibet’s holiest and most historic monasteries. We learn of the history and culture of this forgotten land, as well as that of the Tenzing family and their Sherpa ancestors. Reach 5,300 metres at Everest’s north-face base camp with spectacular views of the world’s highest mountain. 

Check planning and fitness requirements here.

Trek grading: Gentle to Moderate. Read more on our trek grading. Note this expedition does not include trekking between destinations, instead we travel by private vehicle and take short day walks sightseeing around attractions.

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Days 1-2: Kathmandu 
After you’ve arrived and been greeted, you will make your way to the Gokarna Forest Resort, where you’ll be able to collect your passport and the photos required for the special visa required for Tibet, as well as undergo a quick briefing from your leader. Enjoy dinner and a night at the resort and spend the following day discovering Kathmandu before returning for one more night at the resort. 

Day 3: Fly to Lhasa/Tsedang (3550m) 
Board your flight to to Lhasa – easily one of the most scenic flights across the Himalayas -  and then take a car to Tsedang (Zêtang). The town can be found at the bottom of Mt Gonbori, one of Tibet’s sacred peaks in the ancient kingdom of Yarlong. After arriving at Tsedang Hotel, you’ll be able to relax and discover the city at your own leisure.

Day 4: Samye Monastery (3550m) 
Spend the day discovering Tibet’s first monastery, Samye (established in 779) which can be found in the north of Yarlong Tsangpo River. Also visit the oldest home in Tibet, the rumoured abode of the Yarlong Kings – the Yumbu Lhakang castle, as well as the Trandruk monastery, also one of the oldest monasteries in Tibet, dating back to the 7th century.


Tibet - LhasaTibet - Roof of the world with Aurora ExpeditionsTibet - The Roof of the World with Aurora Expeditions

Days 5 – 7: Lhasa “The Forbidden City” 
Return to Lhasa, which is more than 1300 years old and spend three days immersing yourself in its culture and history. Take a trip to significant sites such as the Dalai Lama’s Winter Palace, and Lhasa’s epicentre – the Jokhang Temple, which is said to be the most significant monastery in the world in terms of Tibetan Buddhism. Revel in a visit to the Potala Palace as well, which is made completely of earth, stone and wood. It was built during the 5th Dalai Lama’s reign and boasts over 1000 rooms, 13 stories and a height of over 115m.

Day 8: Gyantse (3800 metres) 5-6 hours
Begin your passage into the higher peaks of Tibet, and enjoy the dramatic scenery during the journey out of Lhasa. Visit Tibet’s ‘turquoise lake’, known as Yamdrok Tso and then head to the traditional town of Gyantse. 

Day 9: Sigatse - 3900metres
Visit Tashilumpo Monastery in Shigatse, Tibet’s second largest city and if time allows, spend time exploring the local markets.

Day 10: Shegar - 4500metres 5-6 Hours
Take a journey across the Tibetan country side to reach Shegar, previously a significant trading post for Nepal’s Sherpa people. Spend the afternoon climbing to the idyllic spot, enjoying spectacular views across the valley, all the way to Mt Everest.

Tibet - Mount Everest

Day 11: Rongbuk, Explore Everest Base Camp and Rongbuk Monastery 5300m
Visit Dza Rongphu monastery and then make your way to Everest Base camp. Indulge in views of Everest’s north face and Rongbuk Glacier before returning to Tingri for the night.

Days 12-13: Return to Kathmandu
Return to Kathmandu, Nepal and enjoy the scenic views of the Himalayas’ main range, reaching from the Tibetan plateau to the south. Reach Gokarna Forest Resort by afternoon and then spend the next day exploring Kathmandu before our farewell dinner.

Day 14: Kathmandu
As the tour comes to an end, say goodbye to your new friends before making your way home or continuing on with your further travel arrangements. 



How to Prepare

To ensure you have an enjoyable and safe trekking expedition we have developed some important pre-departure information to help you prepare. Our reservation staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Before you depart for your expedition we will send you a detailed pack including your itinerary, travel documents and any other essential information relevant to your voyage.

Trip Grading
Our treks often venture into more remote country and cross mountain passes, with some also reaching high altitudes. Read more on our trek grading.

Fitness Requirements
Fitness is an important aspect of any trekking holiday, especially in high altitude. The fitter you are the more easily you will adjust and enjoy yourself. It is also essential for resisting colds and illness during your trip.

The trek is suitable for anyone who loves hill walking and leads a healthy, active lifestyle. If you exercise regularly, we recommend as a minimum to train four to six months prior to the trip, walking for at least 3km, three times a week. If you are not normally active, you may need to increase your training to include 45 minutes of aerobic type exercise, three to six times a week. Ensure you train using your trekking gear, such as shoes and a backpack filled with 2-3 kilos.

As level ground is rare in the mountains, we also recommend to include some uphill training with a mixture of slopes and stairs into your training program. Remember to take the stairs wherever possible; not only does this build strength in your legs and buttocks, it is also one of the quickest ways to increase your fitness and expand your lung capacity. 

The Track
You will be walking through undulating country for extended periods of time, albeit at an easy, comfortable pace. The distances are not great, however due to the amount of inclines and walking in high altitude, most people find that they are not able to maintain their normal pace. Our shortest walk is about three hours, whilst our last day is a full eight-hour day (including breaks).

The path itself is mostly a rocky, uneven surface, so good balance and stability is a must. Walking poles are provided for support only, you must be able to walk on uneven surfaces without them if required. We climb and descend an average of 300-400 metres each day, which can cause some pressure on knees, hips and joints. If you have any concerns please call our sales team to access your abilities on +61 2 9252 1033.

For treks going above 3,500 m we are very careful with acclimatisation to altitude, and our trekking schedules have been carefully designed to minimise the effects. We ascend slowly and ensure an adequate number of rest days to enable safe acclimatisation. It is still possible for mountain sickness to occur, so a close watch is kept on each group member by the leader, who is trained in recognising early symptoms of acute mountain sickness.

Medication such as Diamox is available to relieve the symptoms of altitude sickness. Please ask your doctor for advice before travelling. If you wish to find out more about acute mountain sickness visit http://www.himalayanrescue.org for more information.

Is your passport valid?
Your passport will be required to have validity that will extend to six months after the date of your return.

Visa arrangements
All nationalities require a visa for Nepal . It is your responsibility to obtain your own visa. Please visit these websites for more information on your Nepal Visa: http://www.nepalconsulate.org.au

Your Bhutan visa is included in your trip cost and will be organised by Aurora Expeditions. 

For travellers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, a visa is currently not required for visiting Argentina and Chile for tourism purposes.

**Please keep in mind visa and passport requirements for countries you will pass through to reach your trek destination.**

Travel insurance
All passengers are required to provide travel insurance details including policy number and emergency contact number to Aurora Expeditions prior to departure. We strongly recommend insurance coverage that includes emergency medical evacuation from remote areas.

Emergency contact details
So that you can be contacted in the case of an emergency, remember to provide your family or friends with a copy of your travel documents as well as Aurora Expeditions’ contact numbers.

Remember to pack any valuables or essential items such as medication in your hand luggage to avoid issues in the case of lost baggage.


How to Book

Contact us

If you are interested in an Aurora Expeditions voyage, please contact our sales team to check availability.
Either email an expert here or call our experienced consultants direct on + 61 2 9252 1033 or 1800 637 688 (Freecall within Australia).

Complete a booking form

Once availability is confirmed, please download, print and complete the booking form. Please return it to us, along with your deposit to secure your berth.  Please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions of contract before sending us your signed booking form.

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Terms & Conditions

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Preparation for your voyage

On receipt of the booking form, we will contact you to confirm your booking and our reservations staff will send you a comprehensive pre-departure kit. This kit will contain all necessary pre-departure information including visa information, insurance information, a medical and personal details form, comprehensive gear list and information tailored to your voyage.

Aurora Expeditions - Your Personal Travel Agent

Aurora Expeditions is a licensed travel agent. Our experienced reservations consultants all have specialised expertise on the destinations we travel to. Each voyage has a dedicated travel expert solely working on developing dynamic itineraries for our passengers.  Contact our reservations team and allow us to create a personal itinerary to compliment your voyage, including airfares, accommodation, travel insurance and pre and post voyage travel options.

We look forward to assisting you with your journey of a lifetime.

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