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A trekking expedition is perhaps the surest way to experience a land up-close and intimately explore its culture. Get ready to explore Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan or Patagonia, our fascinating and undeniably exotic trekking destinations. Trek across the highest regions on Earth, marvel at ancient monuments, explore unspoiled natural reserves glimpse priceless relics and experience an intimate connection with each of these incredible locations.

Our Nepal trekking expeditions allow you to trek alongside rocky landscapes under the shadow of Mt. Everest and explore remote villages, temples, ancient sites and pine forests to experience breathtaking views and become immersed in the traditional Nepalese culture.

In Tibet, walk on the roof of the world and gain entrance to the holiest and most historic Buddhist monasteries as you learn the culture and uncover the history of this forgotten culture that has taken roots onto the highest perches of our planet. Climb up to 5,300 metres and take a rest underneath Mt Everest’s shadow to contemplate what you’ve experienced while trekking in Tibet.

In Bhutan, trek on one of the most ancient human trails, the timeless ‘Druk Path’, and experience the local way of life that has remained unchanged by the passage of millennia. Walk through virgin forests and across breathtaking ridges to reach remote settlements and untouched mountain lakes on your way to the fabled Tiger’s Nest Monastery. After the trek across Bhutan’s Druk Path, enjoy some relaxed moments in Punakha valley, under the shadow of a legendary fortress.

Our trekking expeditions to Patagonia will allow you to visit the true land of the giants, as it was called by the first Spanish explorers who set foot there. Trek across Patagonia’s most beautiful landscapes; watch Argentina’s fabled Perito Moreno glacier as it rises from temperate rainforests, marvel at the icy spires of Puerto Natales in Chile and finally relax among exotic South American trees in Torres del Paine National Park.

Each trek offers a unique experience where every step is a chance to discover something new.

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