Expeditions - Africa

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Rich in natural treasures, Southern Africa has long attracted adventurers, explorers, travellers and trailblazers alike. Its landscapes have inspired artists and writers for centuries, and its tribal culture is colourful and intriguing in equal measure.

However, Africa's main allure is its immense wildlife - and a safari the only way to see it!

From Cape Town’s quintessential melting pot of creativity, colour, sounds and tastes, to Victoria Falls and the giant national parks and game reserves, our expedition will encompass a great variety of Africa’s history, geology and wildlife.

Zimbabwe offers over 1.4 million hectares home to a rich variety of vegetation, habitats and wildlife, whilst Botswana’s Chobe River and National Park is renown for its huge population of elephants, and its wide banks and sweet grass attract plains game and extraordinary birdlife.

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