Jewels of the Russian Far East

13 DAYS from US$7,200 per person

Only a few people have experienced the isolated, wildlife-rich eastern coastline of Russia. Considered as a strategic frontier during the Cold War, the region was almost inaccessible for travel, even to Russian citizens. With the Perestroika and the collapse of the USSR, conditions of access were changed, but with its inhabitants moving west and abandoning its towns and local industries, there are fewer people living in this region.

During the month of September, Russia’s east coast is filled with wildlife: birds that had migrated massively to the area to feed are getting ready to leave, the reindeer and mountain sheep, in preparation for winter are feeding and brown bears are basking in the sunshine. Leading up to the autumn season, vibrant colours spread across the tundra-covered hillsides, making it a photographers’ heaven!

Onboard the Spirit of Enberby, we travel from Anadyir to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy and aim for as many shore landings as possible as we cruise along this remote and fascinating coast, filled with untouched and unique wilderness. We take you on excursions to river mouths, fjords, bays and remote islands for some unique encounters with Russia’s east coast natural environment.

The Jewels of the Russian Far East expeditions is run through the Aurora Partnership Program.

Expedition Highlights

  • Cross the Arctic Circle on the Spirit of Enderby
  • Spot walruses along the Pika River Delta
  • Hike along stunning fjords along Koryak fjords
  • Spot bears in the Kamchatka Brown Bear country
  • Incomparable bird life on Verkhoturova Island
  • Reach the Valley of the Geysers in Olga Bay

Dates & Rates

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Prices quoted are per person and in US dollars, based on twin share. Single occupancy is 1.7 times the twin share price. No single travel fees apply if you are willing to share your cabin (twin and triple cabins only). Fuel surcharge may apply in the event of significant fuel price increases. No refund for unused services.

Map & Itinerary

Day 1 – Anadyr
All expedition members will arrive in Anadyr, the administrative centre of the Chukotka region. Upon arrival into Anadyr, you will be transferred to the vessel, the Spirit of Enderby. Note: If you wish to depart from Nome in Alaska, you will cross the International Dateline the day before as you will be flying across the Bering Sea to Anadyr, your port of departure.
Day 2 – Egvekinot
Today we explore the town of Egyekinot, built by Gulag prisoners on the shores of Kresta Bay. Visit the town’s famous museum, walk through mesmerising tundra and cross the Arctic circle!
Day 3 – Bukhta Gavrilla
Keep an eye out for walruses as we continue our expedition along the coast. Bukhta Gavrilla was named after Commander Vitus Bering’s ship, the St Gabriel, which was part of the First Kamchatka Expedition.
Day 4 – Pika River and Meinypil’gyno
Visit to the Pika River delta, famous for its walrus-spotting opportunities and the small settlement of Meinypil’gyno. Enjoy local hospitality in this small traditional village including some traditional dancing.
Day 5 – Bukhta Natalii
Enjoy stunning fjords along the Koryak Coast and the beautiful Bukhta (bay) Natalii. Hike through bays as you are surrounded by gorgeous mountainous landscapes.
Day 6 – Tintikun Lagoon
Today we spend some time on the southern Govena Peninsula, turned into a state reserve. The reserve featured a number of fjords including the picturesque Tintikun Lagoon, as well as a large population of brown bears.
Day 7 – Koryakskiy Reserve & Verhoturova Island
This morning we spend some time in the rarely visited Kamchatka Brown Bear country in the Koryakskiy Reserve, home to a large bear population. We visit the island of Verkhoturova and observe a variety of birds including tufted and horned puffins, pigeons, common and brunnich’s guillemots, parakeet and least auklets as well as Steller sea lions along the shores.
Day 8 – Karaginskiy Island
We continue down towards the south to Karaginskiy Island, home to stunning forest environment.
Days 9 to 10 – Commander Islands
Enjoy the wildlife-rich Commander Islands, discovered by Commander Vitus Bering when his vessel wrecked there in 1741. We explore the islands on Zodiacs and land onshore many times during the day. Also visit he village of Nikolskoye, witness a large fur seal colony at North-West Cape and the impressive bird colony at Ariy Kamen.
Day 11 – Olga Bay
Today we reach Olga Bay, in the Kronotskiy Reserve, which also features the famous Valley of the Geysers. Olga Bay is known for the large groups of Gray Whales regularly visiting its shores. The stunning volcanic background offers great photo opportunities as we explore the Kamchatka wilderness.
Day 12 – Zhupanova River and Bukhta Bechevinskaya
In the morning we Zodiac cruise along the Zhupanova River and explore its shores, home to the Steller sea eagles.
Day 13 – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy
Our vessel will sail into Avacha Bay overnight. It is one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world. You will be transferred to your centrally-located hotel or to the airport to continue on with your further travel arrangements.

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