Scuba Diving

DivingFrom the icy waters of Antarctic and the Arctic to the more temperate climes of Alaska, all of our scuba diving destinations guarantee amazing new experiences. Antarctic diving reveals a world of ice, where glaciers, gigantic icebergs and a unique blend of marine life greet us, whilst the possible presence of walrus and polar bears makes Arctic diving a very special experience. With plenty of diving opportunities along your voyage, no two days will be alike – a truly inspiring and unforgettable experience awaits.

Waterproof ExpeditonsIn 1998 Aurora Expeditions offered the world-first commercial dive trip to Antarctica, and we’ve built on our polar experience ever since. Partnering with polar dive experts, Waterproof Expeditions, in Antarctica and the Arctic, we bring you the exciting and unique chance to get a closer look at the amazing marine life of our polar regions. Waterproof have more than 20-years dive experience in the polar regions and have recently developed the Padi Polar Diver Specialty – a unique chance to become one of the world’s first certified Polar Divers.

Please note for our polar diving options all divers must be a trained, certified scuba divers with proof of certification beyond entry level, i.e. Advanced Diver certification or equivalent rating, issued by a recognised scuba training organisation. In addition to this it is extremely important that adequate training and experience is gained in dry suit diving, and in the use of other new and unfamiliar equipment to be used in Antarctica. To ensure your safety and enjoyment and to avoid any unnecessary problems on the trip, recent diving experience and proof of a minimum of 20 logged dives using a dry suit are required prior to joining the Aurora Expeditions voyage. Our Antarctic scuba diving option is overseen by a qualified dive master who will guide you through your dives and ensure Standard Safety Diving Practices are adhered to at all times.

If you have any queries regarding our scuba diving option please contact our friendly sales team.

Scuba Diving Voyages

Please check individual voyage details for scuba diving surcharge.


How to book

Simply inform our sales team at time of booking that you would like to include the optional scuba diving activity to your expedition. Places are limited.