About Russia

Coastal waters abound with whales, seals, sea otters, walrus and sea lions. Koryak dancers invite us to join them, rewarding us with hearty smiles, fresh caviar and delicious fish soup.

A landscape of remote, icy islands, ice-clad volcanoes, and lush green valleys winding through jagged mountain ranges - the remote Russian Coast is a remarkably diverse and inspiring wilderness.

Migratory birds fill the skies, pine and spruce trees sing beneath snow-tinged mountaintops. Remote and wondrous islands that few foreigners have ever seen and a world of pack ice, rich in marine life, polar bears, walrus and spectacular bird cliffs. Uncover the world’s most northern World Heritage Site, Wrangel Island, also home to the planet’s greatest concentration of polar bear dens. The Russian Arctic is an enchanting world, best discovered with an expedition-style Russian cruise.