• Experience Antarctica on 54-passenger vessel Polar Pioneer
  • Enjoy a free night camping on the ice
  • Unique wildlife encounters
  • Adventure options include kayaking, climbing and ice diving
  • Numerous daily landings from our fleet of Zodiacs

Leading Antarctic tour operator, Aurora Expeditions, gives tips for a great Antarctic cruise.

An Antarctic cruise can provide more than just amazing wildlife encounters and extraordinary scenery.

Did you know that some Antarctic cruises also offer the opportunity to spend the night camping on the ice? Others provide opportunities to climb unclimbed peaks, scuba dive or kayak, which can greatly enhance your Antarctica travel experience.

What happens on an Antarctic cruise?

On many Antarctic cruises you will experience exhilarating Zodiac rides and land excursions, but only a few operators, such as Aurora Expeditions, offer adrenaline-filled activities such as kayaking amongst icebergs in pristine waters, sleeping onshore; climbing mountains in Antarctica or diving to the icy depths.

Camping in Antarctica

Camping in Antarctica is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. On some Antarctica cruises Aurora Expeditions offers the option to spend the night on the ice. All equipment to ensure safe and comfortable camping is supplied; including sleeping mats and down sleeping bags. Camping out during your Antarctica cruise will deepen your understanding and appreciation of this special place.

Kayaking in Antarctica

One way to have an intensely personal Antarctic travel experience is taking up the option to go kayaking. Gliding quietly through the crystal clear waters of Antarctica, getting up close to wildlife and icebergs gives a very different perspective on the frozen continent than zooming around in rubber inflatables. Kayaking on a cruise to Antarctica can bring you face-to-face with whales, right to the edges of a penguin rookery or past seals sleeping in ice floes. Antarctic paddling is surreal.

Scuba diving in Antarctica

Aurora Expeditions is one of the only Antarctic cruising operators that allow experienced divers to go scuba diving on their Antarctica tours. Scuba diving along glaciers, gigantic icebergs and spectacular ice walls is a thrilling experience. Antarctica is home to an amazing variety of underwater marine life such as sea snails, crabs, sea butterflies, fish, jellyfish and starfish. You may even encounter seals and penguins underwater.

Climbing in Antarctica

Our mountain guides have forged many new routes on the continent’s unclimbed peaks. Experienced climbers can embrace the opportunity to add to their Antarctic tour experience and scale mountains that few others have even seen before, let alone climbed. There are also cruises to Antarctica that retrace the epic journey of Sir Ernest Shackleton, where passengers have the opportunity to repeat his alpine crossing on foot across South Georgia.

Guided shore excursions

Guided shore landings and lectures by Aurora Expeditions’ team of naturalists, historians, geologists, and expedition staff help passengers to understand and appreciate Antarctica in greater depth. Extraordinary wildlife encounters, sites steeped in history; and scientific research stations, are all part of the Antarctic cruise adventure.

  • Weddell Sea & Antarctic Explorer

    12 DAYS DAYS from US$8,725 per person

    One of the wildest and most isolated parts of the Antarctic Peninsula, the ice-filled Weddell Sea boasts huge tabular icebergs, fossil-rich islands and large penguin colonies for you to explore!

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  • New Year in Antarctica

    11 DAYS DAYS from US$8,725 per person FLY/SAIL

    Ring in the New Year and make new resolutions as you journey onboard Polar Pioneer through the life-bustling Antarctic Peninsula.

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    Expedition - Photographer’s First Light

    Photographer’s First Light

    18 DAYS DAYS from US$14,300 per person

    No matter what your level of photography is, join our internationally-renowned expert photography guides on this exclusive expedition and capture Antarctica & South Georgia's springtime beauty.

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