Photography Masterclass

In 2017, join award-winning Australian Geographic photographer Chris Bray aboard our In-Depth Antarctica and South Georgia (ASG70) for an exclusive Polar Photography Masterclass!

The Team

Chris and his team will be assisting their guests in maximizing the once-in-a-lifetime photographic opportunities this voyage will offer. It doesn’t matter what type of camera gear you’ll be travelling with, this masterclass is for everyone from non-photographer's, iPhone and happy-snap photographers right up to serious professionals. Click here to read more about Chris Bray.

The Class

Complete with a photography crash-course at that start that will cover things like composition, lighting, aperture and depth of field, ISO and shutter speed there will be tutorials and lectures along the way (including tips on shooting and editing video, as well as post-processing photos in Lightroom), Chris and his team will be providing private one-on-one sessions at sea to help guests with post production, video editing, troubleshooting, providing feedback on composition and camera settings or any other questions they might have, as well as invaluable assistance on-shore – making sure you’ve found the best angles, the correct settings and more. You will also have the option to be on the first Zodiacs ashore and the last back onboard at landing sites as getting the perfect shot can require extra time!

Photography Tips

Click the links below to view our photography tips and hints for each destination.

How to book

Simply advise our Expedition Experts at time of booking that you want to join Chris's Bray Photography Masterclass during your expedition. Places are limited so we recommend reserving your place early. 

Upcoming Expeditions

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